Quickdraw Sling Positions

Get That Shot Off Fast!

Left-to-rig ht shoulder carry begins with forearm hand in place ort itoek- In one continuous jnove bring hand across body, pulling gun butt off shoulder and down* then continue swing to right shoulder, grasping pistol grip.


The rifle sling aids the hunter by freeing arms for balance as he scrambles in brush or up hiiis. With slung rifle, his muscles remain alert, arms not tired, ready to snap the guri to cheek and fire. Without a siinq, the rifle drags on the end of his arm, will tire him early. But a sfing must not tlow fast action. These two carries let you shoot in a hurry.

Muiile up carry TTiay be good in snow or mud as stumble will not cause dirt to get into front of gun. Carry leaves hands free to push away brush on hunt.

Hand holds small lilie pistol grip, forearm parallel to gun. Then rifle is swung up, caught by left hand near 3 o'clock angle, while right hand is reversed quickly to take hold on small and trigger. Don't worry ¿bout siing • drape if over arm.

iodlci peaceful with P^nn^y wood*" hunter's iprir.qfiitld on should ei repose


Rem ,244 M760 did jab with neclt (rot, but Dal-rymplf; is skeptical of light edliben for bear.


TIIIC BLACK BEAR ranks nexl to deer as the big fame animal iaken in grealest numbers over the broadest range by North Vmerican hunters. F>ut IroOl the next hiirfflied hunter« you meet who either have killed a black hear or wish the)' ini^liL. yott will gel at least ninety-nine different answers to tin: question, how tough ¡a the black bear? Though this animal ranges oyer most oft lie continent and in places is amnAQ enough to lie a dnisance. the average big gam* hunter knows less about ihe black bear, its habits and its physical characteristics, lhati any other of lair targets. Tiie black bear, which some hunters rale rts a "push over" is. pound fin' pound, ore of ¡he toughest Callers on earth to put down fur keeps.

Why all i lie H'linfiisiiw? You have to go L<> the bear htr the answer. He is by all odds Lhe most shv, 84crelive, alert, and evasive big-game animal in our woods. The majority oi kills have been made purely and simply by accident. by burners who stumble onto a bear while hunting other gatne. Few burners ever get to learn icry Ihoroughly what I his animal a* a apeeica is really like. The black is a wacky enigmd. While tine individual is moving like a Bilk-furred WrarLh In keep, from being seen, another is standing nilh his head in a garbage can in someone's backyard, growling at the protesting property owner who stand* a lew yards away. The key word is. I be black bear is an individual.

How much of an indh idual he is. may In- shown by the fact that black bear Have bean killed by every caliber from .22 rim fire on up to ,50-110 Winchester Express and larger. One lady, accompanying her dude husband on a Railing trip- was visited in camp by a black bear. The lady screamed;: the bear just stared. Whereupon qniveringly raised her .22 pistol, lefi with her by hubby as "protection," and fired. When she Opened her eyes, there lay ihr bear, dead.

This instance might proie tbe black In.-fir is the easiest . fitter on earth lokigj But due.- ii actually prove anything? Consider the wundsmau who had seen many black hears,

Remington's older MS I in .35 caliber Is good medicine for black bear, or new Rifled Slug Special 12-bore has punch needed. Author reeomrncads heavier bullets on bear.

always the rear end as they ran away from him. One day a black hear stood its ground, bo the tnau sliol the imperlinent animal in the head with his .22 rille, The next thing he knew, he woke up iti the hospital and. fjuic weeks after, he ^as sliil nil the critical list when 1 visited him. The bear, after mauling the man, ran oil.

Bigger calibers may slill be in- i Continued ott page -3-E ■

Bear vary widely in size, from one to six hundred pounds.

On wounded blatkie, Dalrymple uses ,308 M70 Winchester with 200 grain slugs in brush.


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