Red Book Of Used Gun Values

The Price Handbook for Gun Enihusiasii'

* How to get the mott for your money when you trade-in your firearm*

* How to be on expert borgoin hunter in the used gun market

* What to look for in uïed firearms

* Lists the up-to-dale value of over 1,500 famous name guns

You get 14 issues of GUNS, plus the Red Book of Used Gun Values ... a i?.00 Value .,. all for $5,00

GUNS is a differen! kind of magazine. No expense has been spared to moke GUNS the finesi magazine an ihe subjecl ever published, You'll enjoy page ofier page of large dra ma lit photographs showing you juit how different guns work. You'll get the ideas, techniques and secrets of the experts En factual or tides >«ritieri by the world's foremost authorises. We urge yaw to take advantage of this, limited time offer now! Fill in the coupon below ond mail it todayl


Tsi, lake iid rijVl If GUNS itn'1 ent ryliii nfl ray it ii, |iri1 fell i/v We'll l«ttmediet*ly refund your money end yoir muy keep (lit Red Beak far your trouble. Mflil file (oupan todoy while thir limited aFTer bill!

This coupon worth S4.00 if mailed before November 1st

GUNS Magmino

E1SD N. Central Pack Avenue

Jkflkie. Ulindir C-ll ilsrt my twfenriplion Iff SUNS immediately. Entitled find SS.00 for 1* i^luei PLUS the Red t«»h ef Used Gun Values tl I'm no! completely mliiliH you'll rctund my money and I rnn keep Ike Red Book.

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