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(ConriHIte'f jrttin H|t 521 plaid jacket and <1.1-1 ltd off ail cr wifey little Vaniiirnoln. who cltritd binoculars and jHck-board but no rEiit.

J hastened after them. 1 carried a camera and m v Savage .300; phltougji I had mj plans of being ihr: Savage mil JI f photographed Jeiik'i -nrLTii lor failurel. Slim and W'ood-wuriii, observing our angle of depariure, Worked down and arounii through thick utiimiini irees toward (lie base oi tile cinder lull. \Y noi f worth carried only hlnaridars. but Slim tini-l| hi- favorite weapon, a ..'WW Savage which lie di-cfyres has knocked down wi-fi (vtflOO lir'ad <d wild shc-p ami goat A. -Sim likes the little Sovigl because it is super lily rigj« ami simple in operation. lb- I old nn-I hot lie find fallen dozens of time« wjlh i ifie in tin broken and jagged Inn beds, bui that the rifle is stili ¡-booting as straight a-the day lie bought it. The sharp lava makes a tWieilay life expectancy for the normal fi.iii of ihne-i yet those wild illeep da^b the lava How* like school kid- on rolb-r -katc-.

Yam a. .Mahuuey, and I worked slowly tip the lava-Tnek strewn liill. A gentle soul Ilea -lerly breeze was in our faces as we approached the locale where I In- ewe» were tir>t ijHjIk'iI. Track- were I here, lint I be i-we-weren't.}1, we followed Vaj)ia a^ be picked Cut the track« amid tlic Mack. rock-. Suddenly be ducked down and motioned os up lie-ide bin. There. Just £<)!> yards below US, sin big ewes and hiiub- were bedding down in ihe etuder. Tbey ilood out like clcphanl-, !i.n klichteil agairn-1 Ilm early nmriling sun. completely obllviotti 10 out pn -i-nce. "[ don't wanl a ewe." Jock whispered, "f.ct's move toward tbat tree and see if I here are any bucks,"

Wr lure silent in our movements, and hidden by the iiw: yet -cniiethLug brought those ewe- I. -udih-n a Mention. TYell lielnw them, a cloud bj duel began curling upward, spread s%rifl]y nvcr an acre or two of ground ai a li"ge herd of wild sheep went ilautped-ing anaj frnni us, We guessed the fleeing iierd al well oner 2CH). end ^ainamoto Confirmed ir. I bete weie sOIIM big hnek- in I bat herd, \Y<- sas: three witii mas-tvc hum-. Bill they Were well out of rango now. anil it was mid-afternoon before we got tlto shots we wanted.

Mflhuiiey and f were working through some -hallow washes when Jock delected a movement under some trees acrosi the Canyon. We slopped anil walled. There it wa-.jgain: this time f raw it too. ]>ul ihe -lleep bait 7-i-eO IJ-, ihu. Tbey wenl darling from tin: ilia lie. and Jock whirled, look (wo step*, and swung tile ,27U 10 hi? altCrtilder.

W-h-em-ml The little rifh- fiarknd loud and clear, and ¡lie trailing sheep, a dark brown buck, dropped like a buekel of eedtcnj, Thi-wa- wilboiit a doiilil the mo-l i-.-autifol oil-


iJhoict of champion; tor over y«irs, you'll sm more UALscopcs at cliunipioosfiiii m ¡itches than nil or her scopes combined ... and tor (iootf r«isons.

S[>eciully desijincd for target shooters, the BALlCojjf gives the big, brilliant linage yoti need- Also, with exclusive Adjti5rii-Prism focusing, ytm otn make nicire accurate corrections- hstvr. There's rn> eyestrain to causc fatijiiie wctl Lifter hours of src^idy use day after day or the line . . . and, with positive stjl against moisture and dust, the BALscopf stays in compcttripfl unywliere . . . iii any uveal her.

See for yourself hnw this choice of chiififipioiis can help improve yrti/r scores, fit J mm fiALscopt with choice of I 5 y, 20 x, x, or iii) x i merchant hie eycpiecea, or SI2 down on Time Fay mem Plan.

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