Super Speeder

Pool |i roof reloading rni^nn sufe re ■ loading - . . evT'ii for amateurs. Safety is of prime ccjücm If everyone - - - including I in1 csju'rti, Thnt's why the M.E.C. Supác Siwder 400 was designed with **

iruiny I] J ill-in safety f[>iilijrd'.-. In fact, thi»*" very sunie fee ta res make tin.' 'I(K1 so Hisy'lD'UBe, and aL+ti make it po&sihle to reload faster and misrp accurfltdy without i he tin riper nf any mishap,

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The M E.C. Super SpwderiOO is nvnll-nbh? in any pango, And eonies eoin-plattly rtsíü'íri lilei I, tested nurl ready. hv in». Ask to try one «I your dealer's or write

HARDENED chaboíno f. fti Km rL-.en!bit heidtn«* chimiUS IKIJ ci"™¡»otc+ any iiiinoL <1 «41 , . .will linn, d ■■ i ho hiacr übraíhv* r (jwJtfi roit.

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