The Great Arms Race

By Hanson Vi . Baldwin

[Frede.rick Pwegtr. V.I',. fj?,<J.>) Jf.iiifii tkihtwin, military editor nf the New York Thins, aj&jipjres t jmt Siviel anned poner today. Technically. In? dees mil a iht nniL'ii ti> exittin^ pubiäbed information. MNrll of (tie lunik is i\impnsed oí iIíslii-sliiii of I be ini-ile ami rocketry field. Kul what ii hens i^ wriltep in prim ti-nns. Baldwin drw-nnl list m i Hill dopu on Soviet materiel, but i\hiir be Inis is imeresting and the iimik it worl h ri-adiiij; tur the aimemu tili 11 nanl' lu set a f I lilting ill tili it complex I i rid nf iindiT-stanilin;;, ivln-ru iil i--tic ami devutnling power potjrnlial take (lie pkiee of the nhl ia miliar kni|i|i n WÚkers nmií rae«'» of jttteryeitT.—'W0E


Major James E, Hicks tfames E, Hicks ¿i i'tui, 470i Vpteíá Wire,,

L<iCnnntla. Çatif., The present w.»rk i- a revision oi Major Hicks* earlier and lnrig nul of print "Noles on t-rrnisn Onblltnct." with I tic addition nf -mue 35 plate- shewing uniform:- utuE iucitc-nia of thtf GrTtmtn armie* ín>m lflólí to JVt-l, The iHiok cunlains malty i\trael- in facsimile of reports frnm GeilllU and Allied Wflrced durina Wî7-191 S, The reader »holtId not rx-peet m tin J a comprehensive study uF all th<-Wf spoil* and equipment in tts<* during the period ; instead, the au|bi>r has ehos*-n t» sjiolti^ln iLe r t d t ft maleríel—pj rt i c II l*r 1) treneli warfare and arlillery iVL-apons—al tile expi-rise' nf oilier mati-rii-l lha1 is well finhered


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