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Major credit cards accepted

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Shotgun Division

Shotgun Division


Clint Smith

I am lucky enough I am often required to mount and remount different sighting systems to test sights and rifles. Even with all this luck, the act of doing the testing can be a pain sometimes because on some flattop AR rifle platforms, the standard front sight interferes with the sight system being tested. Another point is youire always running around looking for the correct wrench to loosen or tighten the new sight or base to the rifle.

The Arizona based GG&G people have a new sight base cantilever ring mounting system that addresses both of these issues in one fell swoop. Made for the Aimpoint system of scopes (one of my favorite ones as far as battery-powered scopes go), the new GG&G mount has the ability to be taken off and on by hand with a knob to tighten the scope in place. The knob is functional and large enough even I can do it with arthritis and grumpy broke fingers. The scope base also has a built-in insulated spare battery compartment suitable for holding the original small batteries appropriate to the Aimpoint Comp M2 series.

The GG&G mount for the Aimpoint sight is rock solid gear and allows the sight to be quickly mounted or removed.

I took an Aimpoint, mounted it to the new base took it to the range. The scope zeroed up quickly with no problems and, after shooting many rounds though the rifle, I checked everything. Knobs and screws were solid as a bank door. Moving on I mounted an ITT night vision behind the mount and the GG&G Aimpoint mount height was correct to the NVD rig allowing both the NVD and the scope to align and work correctly.

I think the strongest selling point for me for the new GG&G 1014 mount was the ability to take it off quickly by hand should I want or need to remove the scope due to possible failure or damage. If you're an Aimpoint fan you should look into the new GG&G mount. I'm sure liking mine! m gg&g

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