What's in a name? History.

John Taliaferro Thompson founded the Auto-Ordnance Corporation in 1916 with John Blish and Thomas Fortune Ryan to design and develop a hand held machine gun. The product of this collaboration was the world famous "Tommy Gun."

Since its inception, the "Tommy Gun" has become an American icon. Carried by G-men and colorful characters like Al Capone and John Dillinger in the 1920's and 30's and trusted by our soldiers in WWII. The Thompson was the coveted weapon among specialized troops such as Rangers, Marine Raiders, armored and parachute units. The "Tommy Gun" went on to see service in Korea and Vietnam.

At Auto-Ordnance we take great pride in continuing General Thompson's legacy by producing finely crafted semi-automatic versions of the historic Thompson submachine gun.

Put a piece of history in your hands Own a Thompson!

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