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John Taffin

Bob Leskovec of Precision Pro Grips is an artist of the highest order. I grew up reading Elmer Keith and always admired his ivory-stocked single actions and even more so after

I got to see, feel, touch and experience them in person. Leskovec was commissioned to carry out a pair of Keith's favorite ivory grips with a carved steerhead in ivory polymer for heavy-duty use. These now reside on a Colt New Frontier .45, and the same pattern was then carried out for a pair of 4-5/8" Ruger .45 Vaqueros with one sixgun carved on the right panel and the matching gun on the left panel. The carved steerhead not only looks great but also provides a non-slip surface for one-handed shooting.

Bob works with several media including exotic woods, the same with silver inlays, stag, when available, and acrylics offered in carved motifs.

This matched pair of S&W .44 Specials (above) with ivory stocks were carved by Bob Lescovic for John in the style preferred by Elmer Keith. The carving (below) provides for a hand-tilling hold on what otherwise is a slim factory-style grip.

Leskovec also works in genuine ivory producing plain, carved, scrimshawed, or fancy inlaid grips. He can also copy any of the old-style carved-ivory stocks in genuine ivory or reproduce them in a tougher acrylic that looks much like ivory. Precision Pro has their version of the B-Western imitation stag grip carried out in ivory acrylic with the stag lines carved into the material. They are more eye-pleasing than the plastic imitation stag, less expensive than genuine stag and available now.

I recently acquired serial numbers SH001 and SH002 of the Shootists 20th Anniversary Special Edition USFA .44 Special single-action sixguns. One of my favorite B-Western movie stars was Wild Bill Elliott who usually carried a pair of Colt Single Actions butts to the front in a buscadero rig. Leskovec just happens to have the original pattern of the imitation stag grips used by Wild Bill so it seemed fitting to have the .44

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