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$689 (as tested)

.22 LR can greatly assist the shooter in developing and honing their muscle memory so handling and shooting any of the Colt AR models becomes subliminal and automatic.

How did the Colt M4 shoot? Measuring 9.9 pounds on a Lyman Electronic gauge, the trigger takes some getting used to, but when it breaks, it breaks cleanly. Functioning during the tests was flawless with a variety of ammunition. Like a typical rimfire, the M4 exhibited distinct likes and dislikes when it came to ammunition. It favored high-speed, hunting-type ammunition with Winchester Super-X, Western Dynapoint and CCI Mini-Mag turning in 5-shot groups ranging from 7/8" to 1" at 25 yards. CCI Stingers were disappointing at 1-3/4" and interestingly enough, Germany's premium RWS Target brand wasn't much better at 1-5/8". These groups were shot with the issued iron sights having a sight radius of 15". The use of optics would shrink things a bit.

Although I didn't have to use it, the new Colt incorporates an adjustment in the bolt to tune the bolt speed to the ammunition type.

By any measure, the appearance of the Walther/Colt/Umarex M4/M16 family of tactical rimfires is a significant milestone in the history of the Colt AR. During a period when .223/5.56 ammunition is in short supply and expensive, these exciting M4/M16 rimfire clones could not have entered the market at a better time. They're fun to shoot, cheap to shoot, very affordable, and make the perfect understudies to their centerfire AR brethren. Buy them while you can. f?77H

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