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Looking for a superior semi-auto rifle on a par with our 1911 pistols?

And the simple fact

And the simple fact is, nobody makes 1911 __

pistols with the precision and ^Wi^^iP

4 the meticulous attention to detail as Les Baer Custom.

i It starts with the major

slides and barrels are all Les Baer originals. Each ] and every one is manufactured to Les Baer's exacting specifications, then machined to the tightest and most uncompromising tolerances in the business on his own CNC machining centers.

^ V, The rest of the parts are made the same way.

■ Every trigger, safety, hammer and slide stop " undergo the same rigorous manufacturing „ methods and quality control procedures as the major components. They're precise and they're perfect, because that's what Les Baer demands.

HH—^BbJ^fcA^B But, it's the final one-at-a-time fitting that makes Les Baer 1911s a real legend in their own hsx?^-1

time. There simply is not another 1911 on the market I with the characteristic tight, never-a-rattle, positive H fit of Les Baer 1911s. It's that snug, precise fit of Baer's precision made parts that not only ensure amazing accuracy, but uncanny consistency, shot...after shot...after shot.

Great pistols? That's all we build. Precisely.

Les Baer Ultimate AR Rifles in .223, .204 Ruger and new 6.5 Grendel.

Several sporting and law enforcement models are available, including the Police Special pictured here. All are guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA.

Performance. Its Everything.

1804 Iowa Drive • LeClaire, Iowa 52753 Ph: 563-289-2126 • Fx: 563-289-2132 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time

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The First AXIS® Lock Assist"/>
The First AXIS® Lock Assist

Stronger. Faster. Benchmade.

them all before selecting the best one for you.

Other Everyday Gear

Included here are some odds and ends, but these items still fall under the "I use it everyday" gear category. All turned out to be solid gear for hard-use applications.


I use a knife every day and always have them available for everything from target repair to just-in-case emergencies. There are a million or so knives available on the planet, but I have and use a 5220 Benchmade Pardue auto axis as my big knife and I also carry a 5270 Pardue, which has the same mechanical operation system in a smaller-sized version. Because both of these blades are termed "auto axis blade systems," I asked Ms. Alicia from Benchmade about a non-auto blade thinking of all of you who live where auto blades are a bad thing ... or so "they" say, whoever "they" are.

For a non-auto but still helpful blade, I have been successfully carrying a very effective Osborne design called the 580 Barrage. A non-auto, the blade of the Barrage still opens smoothly even with the use of my busted up thumb. I like Benchmade knives and I especially like their Lifesharp Service that brings the knives back to service after a rough couple of years hanging out on the range, I just had two knives redone with screws replaced etc. and the service and work was excellent.


Having lost some hearing over the years mostly when young due to the proximity of big booms, I now like and appreciate the last part of hearing I

have left. To this end I am a big believer in hearing protection and always use Peltors. I have used the regular thin design tactical versions and lately have been using the TacticalSport model with amplifiers and on-off buttons offering high decibel level cutout capabilities.

I like Peltors because they work and I leave a pair in the bedroom if they might be needed at night because I think they could help in a personal defense mode. Heidi often lends hers to students who, shall we say, are hearing impaired and they are a big asset to the ability of people to learn new stuff, especially if the student can hear while on the range working. I like and use the Peltor TacticalSport everyday. Hira

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