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Young hunters.

I watched the boy glassing the area with my binoculars. He was j ust tall enough to see out of the blind while standing. It was late afternoon, and my 9-year-old grandson Jory and I had been watching the rolling hills covered with cactus, mesquite, and all sorts of thorn bushes for the past 3 hours.

"Grandpa, there's a big one up on the hill. It just came out with the does." He exclaimed in a hushed tone it'd taken me half an hour to get him to use. At more than 500 yards and with the finger of a lake between the deer and us, it seemed unlikely that we would ever get a shot. As evening drew near and the weather chilled, he put on the old camouflaged coat. He looked so much like his mother. She too had worn that coat many years before while we sat in a similar blind waiting for her first buck ...

The Red Chip Buck

I strained to see through the early morning fog. The opening in the blind afforded a good view, but only enough of first light shone through the gray mist to tease my eyes with eerie shapes.

Next to me sat my 16-year-old daughter, Celine, hunkered into a ball

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