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a tribute silver screen legend xii to wild bill elliott as red ryder

Legendary Comic Book Cowboy Red Ryder was a fictional American hero to millions of boys and girls for almost three decades. He was created by noted cowboy artist Fred Harman and his marketing partner, Stephen Slesinger, first appearing in print in November 1938, eventually appearing in more than 750 newspapers and in 10 languages.

Red Ryder went to Hollywood, first appearing in 1940. Of the four actors who played Red Ryder, Wild Bill Elliott is perhaps the best known and undoubtedly the favorite Ryder of most fans. His trademark reverse-draw fully-carved double gun rig and matched pair of 2-toned Colt Single Action .45 revolvers, along with his quiet statement "I'm a peaceable man" (just before his right fist came up to pound the bad guy) were part of what made these B Westerns so great!

The Happy Trails Children's Foundation honors Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder this year with Silver Screen Legend XII, the 12th year the foundation, through the generosity of Colt's Mfg Co. of Hartford, Conn., has used very special guns and holsters to raise money for abused children.

New this year is a gorgeous pair of one-of-a-kind Damascus steel spurs in the Wild Bill Elliott style. The spurs were made and donated by acclaimed knife and spur maker Charles Sauer, and engraved by Master Engraver Norvell C. Foster. Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather crafted the hand-carved double holster rig in the reverse draw style of Wild Bill Elliott along with the matching spur straps. Silversmith Michael Ekstrom produced the sterling silver conchas and buckle sets. The engraving on the pistols, and the special custom tuning of the guns were provided by Conrad Anderson, Rocktree Ranch. The exceptional carved stag grips were hand crafted by Bob Leskovec, Precision Pro Grips. Master woodcarver Ben Hansen, Beauty from Scratch, handcrafted the unique presentation case and Ron Love made and donated the prop cartridges. All of these wonderful people and companies are enduring examples of the very special American spirit known as "the cowboy way."

As a result of our association with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and the positive and wholesome family values they represented, the Happy

Trails Children's Foundation is the only known children's charity in the country today actively supporting shooting sports, Second Amendment Rights and responsible gun ownership, and is in turn supported by generous contributions from shooters, collectors, organized shooting sports and the firearms industry! We are proud of this unique partnership!

Buy your tickets for this beautiful and unique museum-quality 1-of-a-kind cowboy collectible. Tickets are $10 each or 11 tickets for $100. The drawing will be held December 19, 2009 in Apple Valley, California. You do not need to be present to win! The winner will be notified by phone.

The total proceeds of this drawing benefit the Happy Trails Children's Foundation For Abused Children, a charitable non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are fully tax deductible. To buy tickets, contact the Happy Trails Children's Foundation, Silver Screen Legend XII, 10755 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA 92308, (760) 240-3330, www.happytrails.org.

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