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Custom built precision

Specials outfitted with Elliott's stocks. They feel good and look great. Now if I only looked as good as Wild Bill!

Regular readers know of my passion for the .44 Special whether found in single-action or double-action sixguns. One of the finest .44 Specials ever produced was the S&W 1950 Target Model, discontinued in the mid-1960s. However, a special run of Model 24-3s was offered in the early 1980s and while they aren't original 1950 Targets, they are close enough to satisfy my cravings. When my wife purchased two unfired 4" 24-3s for my -

birthday a few years ago they were sent off to Precision Pro Grips to be fitted with duplicates of Elmer Keith's ivory stocks found on his 4" .44 Specials and Magnums. Leskovec did a superb job of reproducing the carvings, one on the left panel of one pair and the right panel of the other. Matched up with a pair of floral-carved holsters from El Paso Saddlery of the type Keith preferred, these two .44 Specials are way up on the list of Perfect Packin' Pistols.

PRECiSiON PRO GRiPS 5142 HARDT ROAD GiBSONiA, PA 15044 (724) 449-8360

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