Addendum Centerfire Handgun Cartridges

There are scores of centerfire handgun cartridges. A few of the more common ones will be described.

The .25 ACP, the smallest of the currently manufactured centerfire handgun cartridges, was introduced in the first decade of the twentieth century. The

Figure 5.19 Unusual ball powder tattoo pattern resulting from shirt. The powder passed through the shirt, except for the center facing, where there were four layers of cloth rather than one. Arrow indicates entrance. Circular mark medial to entrance is imprint of button.

cartridge generally is loaded with a 50-gr. full metal-jacketed bullet. Muzzle velocity is around 760 ft/sec. A limited production of cartridges loaded with a hollow-point jacketed bullet was made by Winchester in the early 1970s. All these cartridges were loaded with ball powder. These bullets as a general rule do not expand in the body. In 1981, Winchester-Western introduced a cartridge loaded with a 45-gr. expanding-point projectile. The bullet is lead, unjacketed, but coated with a copper Lubaloy® finish. The bullet has a hollow point filled with one No. 4 steel birdshot pellet. The projectile without the shot weights approximately 42.6 gr. CCI cartridges are loaded with bullets having lead cores covered on all surfaces by a thick (0.004 inch) electroplated coating of copper.

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