Ammunition Intended for Use In Indoor Ranges

In order to reduce lead pollution in indoor ranges, all the major U.S. ammunition manufacturers have introduced handgun ammunition loaded with lead free primers and bullets that either have the lead core completely enclosed (sealed) or are made of solid copper or zinc. Sealing the lead core is important in that lead vaporized from the exposed core at the base of the bullet may contribute more to atmospheric contamination than primer lead.

Blount (CCI) produces Clean-Fire® ammunition. The primers are without lead, barium, or antimony using strontium instead. The bullets have lead cores completely enclosed by copper jackets formed by electroplating. The case may be either aluminum or brass.

Remington manufactures Leadless® ammunition. The primer is lead-free with the lead core of the bullet enclosed in a thick copper jacket sealed at the base with a copper disc. Winchester makes Super Clean NT™. The primer is lead free. The bullet has a copper jacket with a tin core. Federal makes BallistiClean® which uses a primer free of lead and a copper jacketed bullet with a zinc core.

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