Bang Sticks

A Bang Stick is a device used by skin divers and fisherman to kill sharks, large fish, or alligators. It is also called a "fish popper", "shark stick" or "power head". A Bang Stick consists of a metal cylinder or barrel that contains a cartridge chamber. The front end of the cylinder is open to allow exit of the bullet. The other end is closed by a screw-on, cap-like breech through which a firing pin can project. The pin is ordinarily held out of the breech by a spring. A metal shaft, at least 26 inches in length, is permanently attached to the base of the firing pin. Sticks of varying length can, in turn, be attached to the back of the shaft. When the open end of the cylinder is jammed hard against a target, such as a shark, the chamber and breech are forced back, overcoming the tension of the spring. The firing pin is forced through a hole in the breech face into the chamber firing the cartridge. The bullet then exits the open end of the cylinder. Bang Sticks may be acquired in various calibers including centerfire handgun (.38 Special, .44 Magnum), rifle, and 12-gauge shotgun. Blanks can also be used and are just as effective. A number of suicides have been reported using Bang Sticks.11-12 The wounds produced in humans are contact and may or may not show a muzzle imprint.

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