Blunt Force Injuries from Firearms

Occasionally a firearm will be used not only to shoot a person but to beat that individual. Thus, individuals will be seen with evidence of "pistol whipping." This usually takes the form of semicircular or triangular lacerations of the scalp or forehead produced by the butt of the gun. Underlying depressed

Gunshot Injuries Pictures
Figure 9.4 (A) Triangular laceration with underlying depressed skull fracture caused by pistol butt. (B) Rectangular lacerations of scalp from magazine well and base of magazine of 9-mm pistol.

fractures may be present (Figure 9.4). The butt of a rifle may also be used to beat a victim. Figure 9.5 shows an individual, who after being shot, had his jaw broken with the butt of a .22 rimfire rifle.

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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