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Expedient Homemade Ammo
The bullet seating die.

Now that we have our supply of resized bullets we can begin the reloading process and start seating bullets into our cases. But before this can be done a simple 'bullet seating die' must be made.

Cartridge Case Bullet
Drilling the bores.

The purpose of the die is to ensure bullets are driven into the cartridge case accurately. The die is made from a simple section of hardwood. I am using a section of banister rail, and a 50mm diameter washer with a

10mm diameter hole. We also require an 8mm diameter bolt, 50mm (2") long and two nuts to fit the bolt. Any section of hardwood will do and ideally it should be around 1" in diameter. The rail section I use was actually 45mm in diameter but it was easy to obtain so I used it . Whatever wood section is used, it should measure about 45mm in length.

As shown in the above photo, a hole is drilled through the centre of the die. A drill press must be used for this purpose. We must drill two separate diameter bores through the die, one to accept the case and the other the bullet. It is of vital importance that both ends of the die are perfectly square before attempting to drill any of the bore holes. The first hole to be made is the 'Case Bore' to accept the cartridge case. This is drilled to a diameter of 9.9 or 10mm (25/64"). The second hole to be made is the 'Bullet Bore' to a diameter of 9mm (23/64"). The bullet bore must be drilled first.

The two bores must be drilled slowly. At regular intervals during drilling the drill handle should be raised and any wood shavings released from the bit. This will ensure the bores are drilled as cleanly as possible. To drill the bullet bore hole, hold the die on the drill table and slowly drill all the way through the centre of the die, regularly releasing drill pressure to allow shavings to be removed. Do not move or rotate the die once the first hole had been made. Lower the drill table and remove the drill. Now place the 9.9mm 'Case Bore' drill in the chuck and carefully raise the drill table back into alignment with the new drill bit.

Homemade Ammo

Two bore diameters are drilled.

Now carefully drill the second bore to a depth of 30mm. This is the bore that will accept the cartridge case in due course. The bores of the die should now be inspected to ensure they are clean and true. It is a good idea to insert each of the two drill bits just used back into each bore and rotate them several times by hand to remove any slight imperfections or wood shavings. The top washer can now be screwed to the bullet bore end of the die. A washer of similar diameter to the die should be used, in my case 50mm. Drill a couple of holes either side of the washers 10mm hole and countersink each hole. Now use a couple of short screws to attach the washer to the die. Now attach the two nuts to the bolt and insert the bolt into the die. The die is now ready for use.

The two nuts act as an adjustment method to alter as necessary the depth to which a bullet is seated.

Enfield Commando Short Pistol
The finished seating die.

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