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1900 cc distilled water 180 cc tincture of ferric chloride 180 cc sweet spirits of niter 30 cc nitric acid 800 gr corrosive sublimate 400 gr copper sulphate

Mix in the order given and place in colored bottles. Label POISON. Let stand for at least 72 hours before using.

This is a slow rust process which requires about ten days to produce a proper finish. When properly applied, it will outwear just about any other type of finish.

Prepare the handgun's parts for bluing by polishing and degreasing, as previously described. Repeat the processes for tanks one and two, as outlined under "Fast Process." Boil distilled water in tank number three, along with the pint jar half-full of bluing solution. Place the parts to be blued in the boiling water for five minutes. Remove, and use a clean swab to coat the part with solution. Allow it to stand between eight and ten hours before carding off the rust with steel wool or a wire brush. Then boil it in tank three for five minutes, to neutralize any remaining chemicals from the previous coat. Remove the part, and allow it to cool a bit. Swab on another coat of the solution.

Repeat this operation on each part twice a day for nine or ten days. Provided that you followed the directions completely and carefully, used distilled water, polished the parts meticulously, and paid strict attention to the degreasing process, you will have one of the finest blue jobs that it is possible to produce.

If there is not sufficient humidity for a coat of rust to form in the given time, make a box to completely enclose the work and place a pan of warm water in the bottom of it. The box will usually increase the humidity enough to allow the coating of rust to form adequately.

The parts are now ready for final assembly.

If you've done your "homework," you will now have a reliable, accurate semi-automatic pistol comparable in most respects to many of its commercial counterparts. Good luck and good shooting!

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