Small Parts

The small parts necessary to complete the pistol are cut to shape from flat stock of thicknesses given in the diagrams. These parts include the hammer, trigger, sear, and a few others. A 2 inch x 4 inch section of spring leaf from a car or truck suspension is enough good quality steel for all of these parts.

Chances are that this steel section will require annealing to soften it. Otherwise it will be too hard to work easily. To anneal the section of spring leaf, heat it to a cherry red color and allow it to cool slowly, by covering with ashes or sand. Probably the easiest way to do this at home is to build up a good-sized wood fire and place the steel to be annealed in it. When the fire is burned out and the ashes cooled (preferably the next day), dig the steel piece out of the ashes. It will then be much easier to work with. This is one of the best ways there is to anneal steel, regardless of what equipment is available.

Begin to make the hammer by first drilling a holeforthe hammer axis (or pivot pin) close to one corner of the annealed stock. Use a No. 15 drill for this hole, followed by a 3/16 inch drill. Use the hammer template as provided to trace the hammer's outline. Be sure both holes register while tracing.

The hammer is cut to shape by making several saw cuts, then finished to exact size with files. To save time and a lot of work, drill interconnecting holes just outside the outline of the hammer instead of sawing. Result: a roughly-shaped hammer, which is easily finished to size by grinding and filing.

My design uses the rounded hammer spur common to most pistols of this type. Its upper portion is checkered or grooved, so the thumb contacts a non-slip surface. Checkering files are available from Brownells's, Inc., among others. A 1/8 inch hole is drilled through the center of the rounded spur, and also counter-sunk deeply from each side, as shown in the diagrams. This is done both to

Grooved with checkering file

1/16" Pivot

1/16" Pivot



As required for caliber used To clear trigger pin

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