For grip retainer screws

For grip retainer screws


Two views of the pistol's one-piece walnut grip. I recommend reinforcing the inner surfaces of the grip with glass bedding.

material must be left at the rear to enclose the opening left. And the grip's upper right inner side must be hollowed out to allow the trigger bar to move freely, yet be held securely in place.

After the grips are in place on the frame, drill a hole into each grip to receive a retainer screw. Tap each side of the frame for these screws to thread into. I recommend reinforcing the inner surfaces of the grips with glass bedding.

The outside of the grips can be shaped as shown or to whatever contour is desired. Remember to leave as much wood as possible at the grip's extreme rear. After the grips are satisfactorily shaped, sand them smooth and apply several coats of gunstock finish. When the wood's grain is properly filled, a checkering design is laid out on each grip by cutting an outline and master lines. Finish by checkering both grips.

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