Air Force Equipment Key Texts

Chant, C. World Encyclopaedia of Modern Air

Weapons. Patrick Stephens (UK, 1988) Chinn, G. M. The Machine Gun. (5 volumes) Bureau of Ordnance, Department of the Navy (USA, 1951-87)

Gunston, W. Encyclopedia of Aircraf t Armament.

Salamander Books (London, 1987) Price, A. Combat Development in World War Two: Fighter Aircraft. Arms and Armour Press (UK, 1989)

Richardson, D. The History of the Revolver Cannon.

Oerlikon-Contraves (Zurich, 1994) Woodman, H. Early Aircraft Armament. Arms & Armour Press (London, 1989)

Other Books

Anderton, D. A. and Watanabe, R. Aggressors Volume 3; Interceptor vs. Heavy Bomber Airlife

Bruchiss, L. Aircraft Armament. Aerosphere (New York, 1945)

Biirli, A. Flugzeug-bewaffnung: Die Schusswaffen der Scweizerischen Militärflugzeug. Verlag Stocker-Schmid (Dietikon-Zürich, 1994) Fozard, J. W. (ed) Sydney Ca mm and the Hurricane. Perspectives on the master fighter designer and his finest achievement. Smithsonian (1991) Francillon, R. J. Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific

War. Putnam (London, 1979) Gooderson, I. Air Power at the Battlefront: Allied Close Air Support in Europe 1939-45. Frank Cass (London 1998) Goulding, J. Interceptor. Ian Allan (UK, 1986) Griehl, M. and Dressel, J. German Anti-Tank

Aircraft. Schiffer (1993). Green, W. War Planes of the Second World War (10

volumes). Macdonald & Co. (London, 1960-1968)

Gunston, W. Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft

1875-1995. Osprey (London, 1995) Gunston, W. and Gordon, Y. Yakovlev Aircraft

Since 1924. Putnam (London, 1997) Hahn, F. Deutsche Geheimwaffen 1939-45. Erich

Hoffman Verlag (Heidenheim, 1963) Hoffschmidt, E. J. German Aircraft Guns and

Cannons. WE Inc (Greenwich, USA) Hogg, I. V. (introduction) The American Arsenal: The World War II Official Standard Ordnance Catalogue. Greenhill Books (London, 1996) Jarrett, P. (ed) Aircraft of the Second World War: The Development of the Warplane 1939-45. Putnam (UK, 1997) Keith, C. H. I Hold My Aim. Tinling & Co. (UK, 1946)

King, H. F. Armament of British Aircraft 1909-39.

Putnam (London, 1971) Kosin, R. The German Fighter since 1915. Putnam (UK, 1988)

Mason, T. The Secret Years. Flight Testing at

Boscombe Down 1939-45. Hikoki (UK 1998) Merrick, K. German Aircraft Interiors 1939-45. Vol. 1 - Day Fighters. Monogram Aviation Publications (Massachusetts, 1996) Musgrave, D. D. German Machine guns. Greenhill Books(London,1992)

Nemecek, V. The History of Soviet Aircraft.

Williams Collins (London, 1986) Postan, M., Hay, D. and Scott, J. Design and

Development of Weapons. HMSO (1964) Schliephake, H. Die Bordwaffen der Luftwaffe von deb Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Mot or buch Verlag (Stuttgart, 1977) Tanner, J (ed.) British Aircraft Guns of World Wat-

Two. Arms and Armour Press (London, 1979) Vanags-Baginskis, A. and Watanabe, R. Aggressors Volume I: Tank Buster vs. Combat Vehicle. Airlife

Wallace, G. F. Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945. William Kimber and Co. (London, 1972) Wallace Clarke, R. British Aircraft Armament, (two volumes) Patrick Stephens Ltd (UK, 1993 and 1994)

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