Ammunition Key Texts

Courtney-Green, P. R. Ammunition for the Land

Battle. Brassey's (UK, 1991) Davis, D. M. Historical Development Summary of Automatic Cannon Calibre Ammunition: 20-30 Millimeter. Air Force Armament Laboratory (USA, 1984)

Hogg, I. V. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of

Ammunition. Quarto (London, 1985) Hogg, I. V. Jane's Directory of Military Small Arms Ammunition. Janes Publishing Company (London, 1985)

Other Books

Anon. Small-Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide. US Army Material Development and Readiness Command (1981) Anon. Oerlikon Pocket Book. Oerlikon-Biihrle AG

(Zurich, 1981) Braun, M. Handbuch der Flugzeug

Bordwaffenm un it ion. (1977) Hackley, F. W., Woodin, W. H. and Scranton, E. L. History of Modern US Military Small Arms Ammunition, Volumes I and II. The Macmillan Company (New York, 1967) and The Gun Room Press (USA, 1978) Hogg, I.V. (introduction) The American Arsenal: The World War II Official Standard Ordnance Catalogue. Greenhill Books (London, 1996) Huon, J. Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges.

Arms & Armour Press (London, 1986) Kent, D. W. German 7.9mm Military Ammunition

1888-1945. Privately published (USA) Labbett, P. British Small Arms Ammunition

1864-1938. Privately published (UK, 1993) Lenselink, J. and de Hek, W. D. Notes on Small and

Medium Calibre Military Cartridges. Delfia Press (Rijswijk, 1986) Lenselink, J. and de Hek, W. D. Military Cartridges Part 1 3.5 X 45> 20 x 138B. Privately published (Netherlands, 1995) Lippert, J. Deutsche Bordwaffen Munition Bis J 945. Privately published (M√ľnchen, 1989)

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