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Brandgranate Brandspreng granate breech breechblock breech face bullet bullpup design calibre calibre length cannelure cannon cartridge cartridge case caseless ammunition centrefire chain gun chamber chemical fuze chromium plating


clip closed bolt closed loop coaxial mounting a type of magazine in which the cartridges are stacked on top of each other (they may be single or double stacked) (German) incendiary shell (German) high-explosive/ incendiary shell the opening at the rear of the chamber which allows cartridges to be loaded and fired cases extracted alternative term for bolt, normally used when its operating movement involves pivoting, or sliding vertically or horizontally the part of the barrel surrounding the breech see ball a rifle in which the action and magazine are behind the trigger

(1) the diameter of a projectile, or of the inside of a barrel

(2) designation of the cartridge a weapon is designed for the barrel length divided by the calibre, usually prefixed with 'L'; e.g. a 40mm L/70 indicates a barrel (40 x 70 =) 280 cm long a groove around a small-arms bullet for receiving a crimp

(modern) a large-calibre, fast-firing automatic weapon, generally taken to be between 20mm and around 57mm calibre a unit or round of ammunition, normally comprising the cartridge case, projectile, propellant and primer the part of the cartridge which contains the propellant and holds the projectile and primer firmly in place ammunition which does not have a cartridge case but uses solid propellant to hold the projectile and primer cartridge fired by a primer located in the centre of the head an externally powered automatic weapon which uses a chain to drive the operating cycle the space at the rear of the barrel in which the cartridge is positioned and supported during firing a contact fuze on an HE shell which operates by percussion used to protect the barrel bore and chamber close-in weapon system; a naval short-range AA/anti-missile system, usually with automatic aiming and firing a piece of metal which holds together several cartridges (normally by the case heads) for feeding into a weapon; or several cartridges held together by a clip an automatic weapon designed to commence the firing cycle with the cartridge already loaded into the chamber (see open bolt) a CIWS control system which uses radar to track both target and projectiles and corrects the aim accordingly a means of mounting a secondary gun in parallel with a primary gun so that both weapons can be aimed using the same sights coin combustible case contact fuze cook-off cordite counter-recoil cowling mounting crimp cta dark trace deflection detonation disintegrating link double base drill round driving band drum du dual belt feed dummy round duplex loading ejection electric ignition electromagnetic gun electrothermal

(chemical) elevation er counter-insurgency a cartridge case which is designed to burn with the propellant a fuze which is initiated by impact with the target the unwanted ignition of a cartridge by heat in a gun chamber a type of propellant a type of gun mounting in which the gun is fired as it returns to battery, so the initial recoil force is expended in arresting the forward movement of the gun see floating mounting and soft recoil an automatic weapon mounted in the cowling of a propeller-driven fighter and synchronised to fire through the propeller disc a depression in the neck of a cartridge case, intended to hold the projectile firmly in place prior to firing cased telescoped ammunition: in which the projectile is contained with the cartridge case (which is often combustible)

the initial burn of a tracer, designed to give no light the angle between the position of a crossing target (usually an aircraft) and the required aiming point, which will be ahead of it the explosion of an HE projectile a type of ammunition belt consisting of metal links, which fall apart as each cartridge is chambered a type of propellant a cartridge which is totally inert, used to practise loading and unloading drills; it is always made easily recognisable a strip of soft metal or plastic around a projectile, which is intended to be gripped by the rifling in order to induce spin a type of circular magazine in which the cartridges are held parallel to each other (sometimes used to describe a pan magazine) - see helical drum and pan magazine.

depleted uranium; a heavy metal used in some AP shot a gun with two belt feeds a cartridge which is completely inert (i.e. no primer or propellant) a cartridge loaded with two full-calibre projectiles, intended to follow each other down the barrel - see multiball, triplex the act of throwing an extracted cartridge case clear of the gun a method of igniting cartridges by passing an electrical current through the primer a gun which uses electromagnetic force to accelerate a projectile (also known as a rail gun)

a system which uses a plasma generator instead of a primer the movement of a gun in its mounting through a vertical arc extended range



erosion external ballistics extended chamber externally powered extraction extractor claw extractor groove



fin stabilised firing cycle firing pin FlaK

flat trajectory flexible mounting floating firing floating mounting fluted chamber

FMPDS frangible full-calibre fuze gas operated gas-unlocked blowback


Gatling extended range, full bore wear on the inside of a barrel caused by hot propellant gases and friction generated by projectiles the science of projectile flight from the muzzle of a gun see hooded chamber a gun mechanism which requires an external source of power to operate; this is usually electric but may be hydraulic or manual, or in aircraft powered by engine gas or the slipstream the act of pulling a fired cartridge case from the chamber a hook, attached to the bolt, which fits into the extractor groove in order to pull the cartridge out of the chamber a groove around the head of a cartridge case, into which the extractor claw fits

(British) Fleet Air Arm (1924 onwards) frangible armour-piercing discarding-sabot the method of delivering ammunition to the gun

Flachengondelbewaffnung (German), an aircraft gun pod a projectile whose flight is stabilised by fins rather than by being spun by rifling the sequence of loading, firing, extracting, ejecting and reloading a spring-loaded steel pin which strikes a primer to cause ignition

Fliegerabwehrkanone (German), A A artillery;

also sometimes given as Flugabwehrkanone or

Flugzeugabwehrkanone the flight of a projectile which involves minimal drop due to gravity; associated with high velocity a simple, unpowered gun mounting in which the gun can be moved in traverse and elevation by the gunners hands see counter-recoil see counter-recoil longitudinal grooves in the chamber to permit gun gas to seep back around the cartridge case to prevent it from sticking frangible missile-piercing discarding-sabot a projectile designed to break up on hitting the target a projectile which fills the bore of a gun - see sub-calibre a device for initiating the detonation of an HE shell a type of gun mechanism using gas tapped from the barrel to drive the firing cycle a type of gun mechanism using gas tapped from the barrel to unlock the breechblock; the remainder of the firing cycle being blowback a type of twin-barrel automatic gun mechanism an early type of manually powered rotary gun;


Glimmspur GPMG

grain gravity feed grenade launcher grooves gun gas gun pod gyro gunsight half-track hang fire

Hart kern-munition

head headspace hea ds tamp


heavy machine gun


helical drum high-angle mounting hollow charge hooded chamber


hybrid igniter charge ignition

sometimes used to refer to any rotary weapon

(American) gun aircraft unit

(German) often written Gl'spur; a dimly glowing tracer for night use general-purpose machine gun measure of weight used in UK and USA for propellant charges and (in smaller calibres)

projectiles; 1 gram = 15.432 grains the use of gravity to supply ammunition to the gun mechanism a low-velocity gun designed to fire small HE projectiles the larger interior diameter of a rifled barrel; between the lands gas generated by ignition of the propellant in a cartridge a detachable pod, containing a gun (or guns) and ammunition, which is carried by aircraft a simple type of lead-computing gunsight to aid deflection shooting a vehicle with tracks replacing the rear wheels a delay in the ignition of a cartridge after the primer has been struck (German, WW2) an APCR shot used in aircraft cannon high-capacity; a shell with an unusually large (HE) capacity high-explosive; the normal filling of cannon shells the rear of the cartridge, into which is fitted the primer the accurate location of a cartridge in the chamber ready for ignition information about the cartridge, stamped into the head high-explosive, anti-tank see hollow charge a machine gun with a calibre significantly larger than a military rifle cartridge but smaller than a cannon; in effect, 12.7-15 mm high-explosive dual-purpose; a modern projectile which combines hollow-charge with general HE effect a magazine in which all rounds point inwards, following a spiral track a mounting which permits a weapon to be elevated at or close to the vertical for A A fire an explosive projectile with a cone-shaped hollow, lined with metal, in the nose, which generates an intense armour-piercing jet a chamber which is longer than necessary to contain a cartridge; associated with API blowback designs heavy machine gun high-velocity high-velocity, armour-piercing; US description for APCR, also used to describe early APDS a mechanism which uses more than one operating principle intermediate charge which ignites the primer burn, helping to ignite the propellant the igniting of propellant by a primer Imperial Japanese Army

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