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sights single base slant range sliding block smooth-bored soft recoil SPA AG


Sprenggranate squeeze bore

stabilised mounting


Stellite straight-cased cartridge striking angle strip

Sturmgruppe sub-calibre sub-calibre training sub-machine-gun sub-projectiles

synchronised taboo zone charge at the rear, detonated by a time fuze to explode just before reaching the target; named after its nineteenth-century inventor (nowadays loosely used to describe shell fragments)

the devices used to aim a gun a type of propellant line-of-sight range from an AA position to a target aircraft a type of gun action locking mechanism which moves across the breech face a barrel which is not rifled (used with fin-stabilised ammunition)

see counter-recoil self-propelled anti-aircraft gun; usually mounted on an AFV chassis a projectile whose flight is stabilised by being rotated by rifling (German) HE shell a gun in which special projectiles are fired down a tapered barrel, or fitment to the end of the barrel, thereby reducing their diameter semi-rimmed (or semi-rimless); a type of cartridge case a mounting in which the gun is kept to a constant point of aim regardless of the movement of the vehicle or ship which carries it Standardisation Agreement; applies to NATO equipment a heat-resistant material used to line gun barrels a cartridge case which has little or no taper between the head and the neck; which therefore has no shoulder the angle at which an AP projectile strikes armour plate - two different conventions have applied: in one, a strike perpendicular to the plate is called 0°, in NATO it is called 90° a number of cartridges linked rigidly together for ease of loading attack group (German), consisting of aircraft which were heavily armed to attack daylight heavy bombers at the end of WW2 a projectile which is smaller than the bore of the gun; for firing, it is supported by a sabot -see APDS, APFSDS and full calibre a cartridge used for training purposes in a much larger-calibre (usually artillery) weapon via an adaptor a portable machine gun normally designed to use pistol ammunition projectiles which are carried by a larger projectile super velocity; implies a lighter than standard projectile a gun mounting fitted to a piston-engined fighter in which the gun is designed to fire through the propeller disc; each shot has to be precisely timed (synchronised) to avoid hitting a propeller blade tracer (when attached to a projectile designation)

restriction on the freedom of movement of a flexible gun mounting to prevent firing at own taper bore telescoped ammunition terminal ballistics time fuze time of flight toggle joint

tracer trajectory traverse triple base triplex loading tripod

Trommel Trunnion ship or aircraft see squeeze bore ammunition in which the projectile is buried within the cartridge case the science concerning the performance of projectiles on striking the target a fuze fitted to an HE shell which detonates it a predetermined time after firing the time taken for a projectile to reach its target a type of elbow joint used in some short-recoil gun mechanisms target practice; a type of projectile or cartridge used for training a chemical compound in the base of a projectile which burns slowly, giving a visible indication of its trajectory the curve traced by a projectile in flight the movement of a gun in its mounting through a horizontal arc a type of propellant a cartridge which contains three projectiles -

see duplex, multiball a type of gun mounting used with light portable weapons

(German) a drum magazine projection from a gun body used to mount the gun, traditionally at the point of balance

Übungsmunition (German) often written Üb; practice








Wolfram Zerleget-


United States Army Air Corps (1926-1947) United States Army Air Force (1941-1947) United States Air Force (1947 onwards) United States Marine Corps United States Navy a piston engine in which the cylinders are arranged in two banks, set at an angle to each other, driving a common crankshaft quadruple (German); a four-barrel gun mounting

WW2 code letters for a proximity fuze a weapon which achieves barrel cooling by means of a water jacket (German) tungsten

(German) self-destroying (fuze), often written Zerl\ m. Zerl means mit Zerl (with self-destruct), o. Zerl means ohne Zerl (without self-destruct)

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