pivoting block

Pom-poni primer primer pocket progressive rifling projectile propellant propeller disc propeller hub or boss proximity fuze

PT boat pyrophoric


radial engine rail gun railway gun rate of fire rebated rim



receiver recoil-operated reflector sight revolver cannon

rifling rimfire rimless (case)

mounted at the top of a vertical rod a gun mechanism in which the breechblock movement is pivoted unofficial name for a slow-firing automatic weapon, usually of 37mm or 40mm calibre a percussion cap fitted into the head of a cartridge case, used to ignite the propellant the part of a cartridge case into which the primer fits rifling which commences with a gentle or zero twist, which gradually increases in twist down the length of the barrel any bullet, shot or shell iired from a gun the chemical which burns rapidly to generate gas which accelerates the projectile up the gun barrel the area swept by the blades of an aircraft propeller the central part of an aircraft propeller, which may be made hollow to allow an engine-

mounted gun to fire through it a shell fuze which is triggered by the close proximity of a target

(American) a small, fast naval vessel gives off sparks on impact and/or ignites spontaneously at high temperature

Panzergranate (German): AP Projectile rimmed cartridge case (when it occurs at the end of a cartridge designation, as in 20 x 99R)

an engine in which the cylinders are arranged radially, with the crankshaft in the centre see electromagnetic gun a gun mounted on a railway wagon frequency with which individual shots are fired in an automatic weapon, usually measured in rpm a cartridge case with a rim of smaller diameter than the case body

(British) Royal Air Force (since 1918) rebated rim (case description, added to the end of a cartridge designation, also given as RR) rifle-calibre machine gun, typically of 7.5-8mm calibre the body of the gun, to which the barrel and operating mechanism are attached a gun mechanism operated by the recoiling gun barrel a gunsight in which the aiming marks are reflected onto an angled glass plate through which the gunner views the target a normally single-barrel gun with a rotating cylinder containing several chambers, each of which is loaded and unloaded in stages, and fired as it comes into line with the barrel (British) Royal Flying Corps (1912-1918) the spiral grooving within a gun barrel which grips the projectile and spins it in order to ensure its stability - see progressive rifling a cartridge which is ignited by means of a percussion compound contained within the rim - see centre fire a cartridge case in which the rim is the same diameter as the case body, separated from it by rimmed (case)


rotarv cannon rotary lock round (of ammunition)

Riistsatz, Riists├╝tze

S-Boot sabot saddle drum salvo squeezebore SAP(HE)

Schr├Ąge Musik

selective fire semi-automatic semi-rimmed

shaped charge shell short recoil shot shoulder shrapnel an extractor groove a cartridge case with a rim which has a larger diameter than the case body (British) Royal Navy

(British) Royal Naval Air Service (1914-1918)

a multi-barrel gun with several parallel barrels rotating around a common axis, each barrel being loaded and iired in turn the locking of the bolt to the barrel extension by a rotary movement a single cartridge (or equivalent)

rocket projectile rounds per gun rebated rim (also given as RB)

rounds per minute; the usual measure of rate of fire field conversion set(s) (German); not fitted at the factory

Schnell-boot (German): a small, fast, naval vessel commonly but inexplicably known to the Allies as an E-boat a sleeve into which a sub-calibre projectile is fitted, to enable it to be fired from a larger-calibre weapon; the sabot breaks up and falls away after the projectile leaves the muzzle a type of drum magazine in which the cartridges are held in two small connected drums on either side of the action, from each of which rounds are fed in turn a multiball system in which the projectiles are of the squeezebore type semi-armour-piercing (high-explosive) jazz or oblique music (German); a type of gun mounting used by night-fighters, in which the barrels point upwards and forwards self-destruct; an HE projectile which is designed to detonate a few seconds after firing sectional density ratio: the ratio between calibre and projectile weight; together with the projectile shape this determines the ballistic coefficient can fire semi or fully automatically a rifle which automatically fires, ejects and reloads each time the trigger is pulled; also used to describe artillery in which the fired case is automatically ejected but a new round is manually loaded a cartridge case which has a rim only slightly larger in diameter than the case body, separated from it by an extractor groove; also known as semi-rimless see hollow charge a projectile which is hollow in order to contain HE or other contents a type of recoil-operated gun mechanism any solid armour-piercing projectile (i.e. contains no HE)

the part of a cartridge case where the diameter reduces sharply from the case body to the neck a type of anti-personnel artillery ammunition which consists of a shell containing metal balls in the forward part and a small bursting

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