Ge-225 Light Machine

Sectioned Rciufoss 12.7mm Multipurpose projectile

(Courtesy: Rciufoss)

m vSBc vf

The detonator (l) is mounted in rotor (2) which is in out-of-line-position. Thus the main charge (3) cannot be ignited in case of an accidental initiation of the detonator. The firing pin (4) resp. the hammer is held by a pressure spring (5) and a slotted sleeve which is secured by a coil tape (6). This coil provides the arming safe distance of the fuze since it prevents the firing pin (4) from hitting the detonator (1) within a certain flight path of the projectile.

Due to the centrifugal forces depending on the projectile spin a safety circlip (7) in the rotor (2) is bent open in a defined place. The rotor (2) with detonator (1) aligns its axis with that of the firing pin, simultaneously the coil tape (6) unrolls and opens the slotted sleeve which releases the firing pin (4). Now the fuze is sensitive to impact on specific targets over its tactical range. If the projectile hits a target of sufficient thickness within this range, the firing pin (4) with its hammer moves forward thus piercing the detonator (1). The detonator (1) is initiated and ignites the booster (8) which explodes the main charge. If the projectile does not hit a target within tactical range, the SD-unit detonates the projectile.

Fuze Canon Oerlikon

1 Setting sleeve (SQ-delay)

2 Delay plunger assembly

3 Head

4 Detonator

5 Ogive

6 Body

7 Delay element

8 Booster M 125 A1

Sectioned impact fuze with set table delay (Courtesy: Diehl)

Armor Piercing 9mm

Sectioned M50 series (20 x 102) Frangible Armour Piercing round (Courtesy: Oerlikon-Contraves)

20x102 Ammunition Apfsds Apds

Sectioned family of Oerlikon 35 x 228 ammunition: APFSDS, /uy; APDS, base-fuzed HE and AHEAD

( Courtesy: Oerlikon-Contra ves)

Family of projectiles for Bofors 40 x 364R ammunition: A PFSDS- T, PFHE, HET and TPT

(Courtesy: Celsius)

Twin 35mm Gdf 005 AmmunitionMossberg M590 Gunshot Pictures

Dual belt feed, for the experimental FN-BRG 15 (Courtesy: Ian Hogg)

Experimental Light Machine Gun

Dual belt feed with belt guides, for the Mauser MK30F (Courtesy: Mauser)

Royal Ordnance Pattern Room

Multiple-barrelled percussion gun: a Russian 31-barrel .75" model (Courtesy: MoD Pattern Room)

Royal Ordnance Pattern Room

i PLE ■.■.*u»F * '.• J C^Hh-v . .r ' • V -¡torn «&A£ ' ' * . .j J.JW ^ 1

£V/r/y manually-driven votaries: .65" Galling (foreground) and 37mm Hotchkiss

(Courtesy: MoD Pat tern Room)

Hotchkiss Five Barrel Gun

GE-225 25mm twin-barrel gun (Courtesy: G Elian Hogg)

Oerlikon Contraves Kba

Oerlikon KB A 25 mm cannon (Courtesy: Oerlikon-Contraves)

Oerlikon Contraves Kba

Aden 25mm revolver cannon

(Courtesy: Royal Ordnance!R. W. Clarke)

Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon

• i .1 1 nrmFi. •Wul rtO» Mfi GIL ' iffiP ' CNuu< "I

Phalanx CI WS (Courtesy: Raytheon)


4- y;,..■< r j -•* V^fc'Vift iSSffiBWr"

GE 20mm M61A1 rotary cannon (Courtesy: GEUan Hogg)

FSK ij w

Gau Munition

GE 30mm GAU-8/A rotary cannon (Courtesy: GEIIan Hogg)

M230 30mm Chain Gun

Boeing 30mm M230 Chain Gun

(Courtesy: MDHCIIcin Hogg)

GIAT25M811 25mm externally-powered dual-feed gun

(Courtesy: Ian Hogg)

L60 40mm Machine Gun

Bofors 40mm L/60 (Courtesy: Celsius)

Modernised Bofors 40mm L60

GIAT 53 T4 A A mount with two 20mm 20M693 belt-fed cannon (Courtesy: GlAT)

Oerlikon Gun

SI DA M 25 SPA AG (four 25 mm Oerlikon KBA )

(Courtesy: Oerlikon-Contraves)

Air Defense Guns Bilder

Arrow A A system (two 30mm Mauser MK30F) (Courtesy: Mauser)

Oerlikon-Contraves 35mm Twin Field Air Defence Gun Type GDF-005

( Courtesy: Oerlikon-Contraves)

M16a1 Naming The Parts 35mm Rotary Cannon

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