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Soviet Aircraft Heavy Guns

Muzzle brake of an NS-45

protruding from the propeller hub of a Yak-

9K (Courtesy: Russian Aviation Research Trust)

NS gun under Ilyushin 11-2 wing, with fairing removed. This appears to be the NS-45

version, as indicated by the muzzle brake. There was only one experimen tal installation of this gun in the

I1-2 (Courtesy: Russian Aviation Research Trust)

Russian Heavy Machine Gun

Soviet bombers were generally defended by RCMGs at the start oi the war, with the notable exception of the four-engined Petlyakov Pe-8 which featured 20mm cannon in two turrets. The ShVAK could be fitted with either a pistol grip or spade grips when used defensively. The 12.7mm UB soon replaced the RCMGs, and by the end of the war the new lightweight 20mm Beresin B-20 was also being used as a defensive weapon.

GE 20mm M61A1 installation for FIA-18, including 570-round magazine (Courtesy: General Electric)

GIAT 30 mm type 30-550 F4 revolver cannon (Courtesy: GIAT)

Giat 20m621

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30mm Defa Cannon Ammo Mauser 27mm

Mauser 27mm BK27 revolver cannon (Courtesy: Mauser)

Revolver Cannon

Panavia Tornado firing its BK27 cannon (Courtesy:

Mauser )

Mauser CannonDefa Cannon Round

French 30mm aircraft cannon rounds (from left to right): 30 X 97B for 30-540 DEFA, 30 X 113B for 30-550 DEFA, 30 X 150B for 30-790 DEFA (Courtesy: J-FLegendre)

GIA T 30mm type 30M791 revolver cannon (Courtesy: GI AT)

30mm Defa Cannon Ammo Aden25 25mm


Aden 25 revolver cannon (Courtesy: R. W. Clarke)

Helicopter Weapons


GI AT 20mm 20M621 gun in 19 A helicopter mounting (Courtesy: GlAT)

Electric interface Beam

Mounting lugs

Link collector

Recoil mechanism

Air inlet

Ammunition box

Helicopter Ammo Case

un OHMfiOf

2a42 Feeding Mechanism

un OHMfiOf

2a42 Feeding Mechanism

Ventilation system



Case ejection Recocking Electric enclosure 20M621 gun

GI AT 20mm gunpod 201621 (Courtesy: Gl AT! Ion Hogg)

M781 Gun Pod

GI AT 20mm 20M62I gun in fixed 22 A helicopter mounting (Courtesy: Gl A T)

Apache Magazine Bradley Micv


Apache Helicopter Firing 30mm Gun

30 mm M230 Chain Gun on Apache helicopter (MDHCUan Hogg)

Russian Heavy Machine Guns

30mm 2A42 on Mi-28 Havoc (Courtesy: Russian Aviation Research Trust)

27mm Mauser BK27 installation for Eurofighter Typhoon, with I ink less feed

( Courtesy: Mauser)

27mm Gun Pod Bushmaster 30mm Chain Gun Mauser 30mm

30mm GI AT 30 M 781 in THL 30 turret (Courtesy: GI AT)

3 Omni Mauser RMK 30 re coil I ess revolver cannon (Courtesy: Mauser)

Mauser 30mm Automatic Gun RmkBushmaster Iii

35150mm Bushmaster III Chain Gun on M2 Bradley MICV (Courtesy: MDHC)

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