Rapid Fi

IJN inert internal ballistics kamikaze


Lafette LAFV

lands lead computing gunsight

Leuchtspur linear action link linkless feed LMG

lock time long recoil

Luftwaffe LV

machine gun

Imperial Japanese Navy a cartridge or explosive which cannot fire or detonate the science of the passage of a projectile down a gun barrel

(Japanese) 'Divine Wind"; name given to suicide attacks German Navy

Kampfwagenkanone (German), tank gun

(German) gun mounting light AFV; typically, an armoured car or light tank the smaller interior diameter of a rifled barrel;

between the grooves a gunsight which calculates the correct point of aim for deflection shooting

(German) tracer; often written L'Spur a gun mechanism in which the elements reciprocate in line with the gun barrel an element of an ammunition belt a method of supplying ammunition to a gun in which the cartridges are not linked together light machine gun the period of time between pressing the trigger or gun button and the first shot being fired a type of gun operating mechanism German Air Force low-velocity magazine an automatic weapon of less than 20mm calibre a container which holds ammunition ready for loading into a gun manually operated a gun in which the firing cycle is operated by a manual crank or lever MG machine gun (German: Maschinengewehr)

MGB motor gun boat: a small, fast, naval vessel armed with guns MICV mechanised infantry combat vehicle (also known as AIFV) Minengeschoss (German) mine shell or M-Geschoss mine shell a thin-walled, lightweight type of HE


(German) Maschinenkanone, automatic cannon medium machine gun: a heavy gun of rifle calibre

(French) motor cannon; an aircraft cannon designed for mounting between the cylinder banks of a vee-engine, firing through a hollow propeller hub.

the method of supporting a gun ready for firing motor torpedo boat: a small, fast, naval vessel armed with torpedoes a cartridge which contains several projectiles -see duplex, triplex ammunition with a mixture of capabilities (AP, HE, I); associated with the Norwegian firm Raufoss the end of the barrel from which the projectile

moteur-canon mounting

niultiball multipurpose ammunition emerges muzzle blast the violent escape of gun gas from the muzzle as a projectile leaves the barrel muzzle booster a device fitted to the muzzle to use some of the muzzle blast to increase recoil, to assist the action of recoil-operated guns muzzle brake a device fitted to the muzzle which deflects part of the muzzle blast to the side or rear in order to reduce recoil muzzle energy a calculation of the energy of a projectile as it leaves the muzzle; a function of projectile velocity and weight muzzle velocity the speed of a projectile as it leaves the muzzle


neck necked-down necked-up obturation obus ocsw


open bolt optronics ounce (oz)


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation the part of a cartridge case which holds the projectile a cartridge case which has its neck reduced in diameter to accept a smaller-calibre projectile than the case was designed for (or necked-out) a cartridge case which has its neck increased in diameter to accept a larger calibre projectile than the case was designed for the sealing of a gun breech to prevent the escape of gun gas on firing (in automatic weapons, normally achieved by the cartridge case); also forward obturation achieved by the driving bands (French) shell

Objective Crew Served Weapon; US programme for a light automatic 25mm support weapon

Objective Individual Combat Weapon; US programme for a new infantry weapon combining 5.56mm and 20mm calibres an automatic weapon designed to commence the firing cycle without a cartridge loaded into the chamber - see closed bolt the combination of optical and electronic systems to provide day/night/all-weather sights UK and USA measure of weight; loz = 28.35g a cartridge which has a case capacity too large for all of the propellant to be efficiently utilised

pan magazine



Panzerabwehrkanone (German), anti-tank gun a flat, circular magazine in which the cartridges are held pointing inwards - see drum and helical drum (German) armour-piercing spreng granat- high-explosive incendiary patrone cartridge with tracer

L'spur m. Zerl and self-destruct Panzer granat (German) armour-piercing cartridge

(German) cartridge the ability of an AP shot to penetrate armour a method of igniting cartridges by striking a percussion primer with a firing pin pre-fragmented high-explosive (German) arrow shell; a long, fin-stabilised HE projectile pintle mounting a type of flexible mounting in which the gun is patrone Patrone penetration percussion ignition



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