Rapid Fire

Anti Tank Launcher
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air-cooled ammunition







API blowback APSV

arrowhead shot

ATGW automatic

ball (round)

anti-aircraft armoured car a pivoting lever inside a short-recoil mechanism which acts to accelerate the rearward movement of the bolt armoured fighting vehicle automatic grenade launcher advanced hit efficiency and destruction (a proprietary Oerlikon ammunition development)

armoured infantry fighting vehicle; also known as MICV

a weapon which achieves barrel cooling by radiation direct to the atmosphere collective name for cartridges (or equivalent) armour-piercing; a projectile designed to penetrate armour, or a cartridge loaded with such a projectile armour-piercing, capped (ballistic capped): an AP shot with a softer cap to aid penetration of face-hardened armour (and a streamlined cap to reduce air resistance) armour-piercing, composite, rigid: shot consisting of a penetrating core (usually of tungsten alloy) enclosed within a light-alloy body, which travels as a unit to the target armour-piercing, discarding-sabot: similar to APCR except that the body (which may be light alloy or plastic) breaks up and falls away from the penetrating core when the shot leaves the muzzle armour-piercing, fin-stabilised, discarding-sabot: similar to APDS except that the penetrating core is long and narrow and is stabilised in flight by fins armour-piercing, hard-core: an alternative designation for APCR armour-piercing, high-explosive armour-piercing incendiary advanced primer ignition blowback: a type of automatic mechanism armour-piercing super velocity; British term for Littlejohn squeezebore ammunition (also initially used to describe APDS)

APCR with reduced-diameter alloy body in centre anti-tank anti-tank guided weapon a weapon which continues to fire and reload automatically for as long as the trigger or firing button is pressed added to a cartridge designation to identify a belted case (e.g. 20 x 105B) a small-arms projectile or bullet, i.e. not AP, I, ballistics ballistic cap ballistic coefficient barrel barrel extension base bleed base fuze battery

BB belt belted case belt feed belt link

blank blowback bolt bore bottlenecked cartridge

the science concerning the passage of a projectile from the instant of firing to the end of its flight a streamlined (usually light alloy) nose cone used to improve the ballistic coefficient of a blunt projectile a factor which measures the aerodynamic drag of a projectile and therefore the rate at which it loses the velocity; the higher the number, the lower the drag the tube connected to (or integral with) the chamber, down which the projectile is accelerated the part of the barrel which extends behind the chamber, usually to accommodate a locking mechanism a projectile which contains a slow-burning chemical in the base in order to reduce air resistance and extend range a detonating fuze fitted to the base of an HE shell a gun is in battery" when it is at rest in a forward position in the mounting (i.e. not recoiling)

see base bleed

(1) a raised strip around a cartridge case, in front of the extractor groove

(2) a strip of fabric or (more usually) metal, into which cartridges are fitted to facilitate feeding them into a weapon. Metal belts may be disintegrating, non-disintegrating or a continuous loop a cartridge case with a raised section in front of the extractor groove to aid location in the chamber the use of a belt to supply ammunition to a gun mechanism a piece of metal which constitutes a part of a belt

Bordkanone (German): a large-calibre airborne cannon for ground attack (also used for current BK 27)

a cartridge which has a primer and propellant but no projectile a type of automatic weapon operating mechanism a part of the operating system, containing the firing mechanism, which slides in line with the barrel, pushing a cartridge into the chamber and holding it there during firing the inside of the barrel a cartridge with a case whose diameter reduces sharply to the neck, creating a shoulder

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