Unpublished Documents

(mainly held in the Ministry of Defence Pattern Room)

Ackers, T. General Survey of Main Problems Connected with Installation, Functioning and Accuracy of Aircraft Gun Armament During the War. Technical Note Arm. 383, A&AEE Monograph No. 4.08 (Royal Aircraft Establishment, 1947) Anon. The Second World War 1939-1945 Royal Air Force Armament Volume II: Guns, Gunsights, Turrets, Ammunition and Pyrotechnics. S.D. 737 Air Ministry (1954) Anon. Me 410 A-1/U4 Flugzeug-Handbuch (1944) Anon. Development of German Fighter Armament.

Air Ministry (UK) 1944 Anon. German Aircraft Armament and Ammunition During the War of 1939-45. A.D.I. (K) Report No. 11/1946

Anon. New Japanese Aircraft Types and Miscellaneous Armament Development. Technical Air Intelligence Summary #14, DNI (1944) Anon. Japanese Air Weapons and Tactics. The US

Strategic Bombing Survey (1947) Anon. Gun Ammunition in 37mm Calibre. D. of A. (India) Japanese Ammunition Leaflets Section E, Leaflet Ell (1945) Anon. Preliminary Notes on the Ammunition for Vickers Class iS' Mk.l Gun. (Official British publication, status unclear) Anon. Japanese Ammunition. Military Intelligence

Division, War Department (USA) Anon. Report of Naval Anti-Aircraft Gunnery

Committee 1931 (UK) Anon. Renseignments sur les Munitions de Petits Calibres. P.R.R.E.M. de Bourges (France) 1940

Bradstreet, T. Checklist of German Disintegrating Links Used in Automatic and Semi-Automatic Weapons to 1945 (1998) Bradstreet, T. The Luftwaffe MG-FF(\99%) Bradstreet, T. Notes on Japanese Aircraft Guns and

Cartridges Over 13.2mm (1998) Biihler, Dipl. Ing. and Sôrensen, Ing. Table of German Armament Equipment (Approved and Experimental) Small Arms, Automatic Arms and Guns up to 55 mm Calibre. Unterluss Report 295/1 (1948)

Biihler, Dipl. Ing. Burgmueller, Dr. and Sôrensen, Ing. Table of German Armament Equipment (Approved and Experimental) Ammunition up to 55 mm Calibre. Unterluss Report 295/11 (1948) Burney, D. Letter to the Broadway Trust Company to the Ministry of Supply Armaments Design

Department (25 November 1943) Cabeen, C. The Calibre Ninety Aircraft Gun.

Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania Mix, Dipl. Ing. (late Director of Aircraft Weapon Development, R.L.M.) Development of Aircraft Weapons, Munitions and Installations - A comprehensive review of the German position at the end of the War. Unterluss Report 376 T (1948) Smithurst, P. Machine Guns before Maxim. The

Royal Armouries (1998) Various: Reich Ministry of Armaments and War Production: Interrogation of Speer, Saur, Mom men and Bosch. Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee, G-8 Division, SHAEF (May/June 1945)

N.B. The 'Unterluss Reports' (named after a Rheinmetall establishment) were written immediately after the end of the Second World War following interrogation of German technical staff by the British. They provide detailed information about the state of German armament developments at the end of the war. Copies are kept at the Pattern Room.

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