Sight Adjustment

General information - All H&K MP5 submachine guns are zeroed before leaving the factory in Germany. The weapon is fired from a machine rest at a target at 25 meters (27.5 yards). Ammunition used is standard 9 X 19mm NATO 124 grain ball, commercial 10mm Auto 180 grain Jacketed Hollow Point, or commercial .40 S&W 180 grain Jacketed Hollow Point loads. The weapons are zeroed using a 6 o'clock hold. All five (5) rounds fired must fall within a circle no larger than 1.58 inches or the weapon is rejected and returned for reworking.

In addition to zeroing, each MP5 is proof fired using two overpressure proof rounds and function fired with fifteen (15) rounds of ball using all modes of fire.

Depending on the type of ammunition and the brand used, you may realize a sizeable difference in zero with a new weapon even though it was zeroed at the factory. This difference is strictly due to the different type of ammunition fired.

Background - The special sight adjustment tool, available as an accessory from HfcK under ID # 300009,. is used to adjust the rear sight of the MP5 and to exchange the rear sight drum. The sight of the MP5 is intentionally designed so that it cannot be adjusted without this special tool because the West German government wrote this into the specifications for the weapon.

This specification dates back to when the father of the MPS submachine gun, the G3 rifle, was designed. All H&K G3 rifles in the West German army are zeroed at the factory usin$ a machine rest with an optical sighting device. Each weapon is shipped with the same battlesight zero.

The German soldier does not adjust the sights of his assigned weapon for his individual zero, as is done in the U.S. He simply learns the necessary hold off to bring his rounds to the center of the target. In this way any German soldier can pick up any G3 rifle and be assured of having a battles ight zero because all weapons possess the same battles ight zero, as opposed to in the U.S. where each weapon zero is different.

This cultural difference spills over into the MP5 submachine gun. Sight adjustment tools are not provided with each weapon as many users find the factory zero to be appropriate for their use or the already have at least one sight adjustment tool to make any small adjustments. Adding a sight adjustment tool to each MP5 would increase the price of the weapon , even to the users that already have the tools.

Adjusting the notary Rear Sight - The procedure for adjusting the rotary rear sight on all H&K NP5 submachine guns is the same and can be accomplished using nothing more than a sight adjustment tool. The sight adjustment tool consists of two separate parts, a phi Hips head screwdriver and a lever cylinder. The lever cylinder can be stored on the top of the phillips head screwdriver and is comprised of two spring actuated levers.

All elevation and windage adjustments are made through the rear sight assembly.

Adjustment procedure -

Before attempting to adjust the sight;

2. Secure the weapon in a stable position so that the sights point up and the rear sight is easily accessible. Keep the weapon from flopping around to make this job easier and quicker.

Elevation Adjustment -

A. Insert the lever cylinder into the rear sight drum with the two spring actuated levers projecting into the two slots, located on the inside of the rear sight drum, that have the spring detents in them. (There are a total of four slots, but only two with spring detents.)

Do not allow the lever cylinder to rock back and forth inside the rear sight cylinder during your adjustment. It must remain immobile.

B. Holding lever cylinder in place slowly and carefully insert the phillips head screwdriver into the top of the lever cylinder until it is fully inside.

At this point the levers in the lever cylinder should be depressed inward and should be compressing the spring detents in the rear sight drum.

Hl.# 72A - Making tn elevation idjastment


In plaae you

should be able to easily rotate the rear sight drum independently of the rest of the sight assembly and the sight adjustment tool.

If any part of the sight adjustment tool rotates with the rear sight cylinder as it is turned or the rear sight cylinder cannot be rotated, remove just the phillips head screwdriver from the lever cylinder an start again at step B above.

D. Once the rear eight cylinder is free to rotate independently each movement of the drum is changing the elevation adjustment of the rear sight.

Once the elevation adjustment is made and the sight adjustment tool is removed from the rear sight the spring detents will snap back into place as the operator selects his preferred aperture.

Direction of Elevation Adjustment - Rotating the rear sight drum clockwise as viewed from the top of the weapon moves the impact of the projectiles down on target, counterclockwise rotation moves the impact of the projectiles up on target.

Clockwise = Down Counterclockwise = up

Elevation Adjustment Value - For all MP5 submachine guns, one full revolution of the rear sight drum moves the impact of the projectile on target approximately 2.25 inches (56 mm) at a range of 27.5 yards (25 meters).

l complete revolution s= 2*25 " at 27.5 yards (25 meters)

windage Adjustment -

A. check the rear sight lock screw (located behind the rear sight drum) for tightness using the sight adjustment tool.

B. Decide which direction you need to move the rear sight. The general rule of thumb is that you always move the rear sight in the direction you wish the projectiles to move on the target downrange.

C. Use the sight adjustment tool to remove the slack (free rotation) from the windage adjustment screw the

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