Operating Instructions

To Make Gun Safe: Thumb safety is located at lop, rear ol stock next to receiver, on right of gun. With hammer cocked, draw safety rearward under thumb of righi hand. This movement locks gun action, and rifle cannot be fired. Always LOCK gun when carrying it. loaded.

To Release Safety: Thumb safety forward, and gun is ready to fire.

To Load Magazine: Thumb safety on, turn knurled knob on inner magazine tube, pull tube out and insert cartridges into cartridge opening, continuing the operation until the last cartridge is visible. (See Figure 6) Grasping knurled porlion of inside magazine tube, press down with rotating action until magazine tube is fully down and located in supporting notch.

To Load Chamber: Retract action fully lo the rear and allow to close. Thumb safety forward. Gun is now ready to fire.

To Remove Cartridges Without Firing: Thumb safety rearward and remove inside magazine tube. Point muzzle downward. All cartridges in tube will drop into the hand. Move safety forward, and work action twice to remove cartridges from barrel chamber and trigger guard assembly through ejection port. Pull bolt operating handle back and examine barrel chamber to make sure gun is now empty of cartridges. Inside magazine tube may now be replaced safely.

To remove action from stock, turn gun upside down and loosen takedown screw with screwdriver or coin (see Figure 2). Action and barrel will come free from stock. Now unscrew rear receiver plug from receiver (Figure 3). Action parts will project rearward. To remove bolt and hammer assembly, pull boll handle fully rearward and remove boll first (Figure 4). Free hammer assembly from receiver, then with barrel in vertical position, pull trigger rearward. Hold barrel above a table or other clean surface for this step, since entire bolt assembly will now fall free from receiver. (See Figure 5)

Before filing this rifle, be sure to clean barrel thoroughly of grease, or any other foreign obstruction.

To reassemble your SPORT-KING, follow the above procedures in reverse order, thus: with gun on its side, replace bolt by moving trigger rp^miorH Y<tri*/ia !-inlf inin rpr^i v*»r frnm roar 'lo ïr» p!(mw ^ riiiehinn if

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