Is clear Then let cocking lever snap forward

Unhook multi-purpose sling from front sight holder

Remove butt stock locking pin and place it in the tubular rivet in the fixed butt stock (Fig. 32).

Slide off butt stock; swing down or remove pistol grip. Using the cocking lever, retract bolt head assembly with recoil spring and remove them from the receiver (Fig. 33). Detach handguard.

Stripping the bolt assembly

Remove recoil spring from recoil spring tube by edging it off in the rearmost position.

Rotate bolt heat 90 toward your body and detach it from the locking piece. Remove locking piece, firing pin and firing pin spring from the bolt head carrier (Figs. 34 and 35).

To reassemble the bolt assembJy, insert firing pin. firing pin spring and locking piece into the bolt head. Insert all parts in the bolt head carrier in such a manner that the lug on the locking piece is guided through the recess in the bore of the bolt head carrier. Rotate bolt head until you hear it engage. Press recoil spring into the recoil spring tube. Sripping the pistol grip with trigger mechanism. Uncock hammer (spring).

Rotate selective fire lever until it is in a vertical position, then pull out. Remove trigger assembly housing.

Note: Further stripping of the trigger assembly housing may only be performed by ordnance personnel. If the trigger assembly housing is severely fouled, it can be washed out in a cleaning solvent.


Attach handguard.

Insert the assembled bolt assembly, including recoil spring, into the receiver.

Attach pistol grip and swing it into position. (Set fire selector lever on pistol grip to "S".)

Push the fixed or retractable butt stock onto the receiver and press locking pin into place (Fig. 36).

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