Where To Lubricate A P7 Pistol

Do not clean the pistol with:

- Metallic objects

- Synthetic materials as e.g. Nylon or Perlon when the weapon is hot of firing

- Chemical solvents as e.g. dry-cleaning spirit

- Cold or hot water

Lubricate Mossberg 500

Cleaning kit: Drawing No. 100200,

1 Storage container

2 Oiler

3 Cleaning brush

4 Oil brush

5 Cleaning brush

6 Pull-through chain

7 Cleaning wick

Brush compl.: Drawing No. 9224-70. Ident No. 222269

2.2 Ordinary cleaning

This cleaning has to be carried out after each use of the pistol. The pistol must be disassembled as far as it is necessary to clean the fouled parts.

The cleaned parts have to be lubricated with a clean cloth.

2.2.1 Slide

Clean it with a cleaning brush or a cloth, mop the piston with a cloth and lubricate it lightly.

2.2.2 Receiver with barrel

Clean the receiver with a cleaning brush or a cloth. Pull through the barrel with the pull-through chain, oil brush and wicks from the chamber to the muzzle (first time if possible immediately after firing the pistol when the barrel is still warm to touch).

2.2.3 Magazine

Remove dirt and impurities from magazine lips and follower. Lightly lubricate the parts. 2.3 Principal cleaning

The degree of fouling of the pistol can depend from the number of fired rounds and the compound of the propellant. Therefore we recommend to carry out a principal cleaning of the pistol in regular intervals. From our experience this has to be done after about 1.000 rounds or one time a year.

2.3.1 Slide

Rinse the pistol in petroleum, clean it well, clean off. wipe it off with a dry cloth and lightly lubncate it Do not use any hard objects for cleaning the slide.

Please pay attention to not disengaging, damaging respectively distorting or wrong mounting drop safety catch spring (4) of drop safety catch (3) which consequently would not function anymore. When cleaning the drop safety catch with a brush, have an eye upon loose bristles which could cause the drop safety catch to get stuck when they are left there.

The part near the slide of piston (19) is cleaned with petroleum, mopped with a cloth and subsequently lightly lubricated. Please note that the sharp edges in the front section of the piston could be damaged by hard tools. Powder residues between the piston rings do not affect its operation, the piston is self-cleaning. The firing pin system should be cleaned after about 1.000 rounds have been fired. Firing pin bushing (14) is rotated to the left and detached from firing pin (13). Subsequently both parts are carefully washed in petroleum, dried and lightly lubricated.

2.3.2 Receiver with barrel

We recommend to clean the piston bushing after a charge of about 1.000 rounds. The enclosed brush in pos. 8 is used for cleaning this cylinder by srewing the brush up and down the inside walls. By continuing this rotary movement the brush can be taken out.

Cleaning the barrel

In principle the barrel has to be cleaned with wicks or with brushes soaked in oil. After a charge of about 1.000 rounds the flutes in the chamber should be cleaned with oil and a suitable brush (brass). Subsequently take a pull-through chain and pull wicks through the barrel, from the chamber to the muzzle, until there can no more dirt be seen on the wicks. Lightly lubricate the barrel.


When the pistol has been cleaned and oiled after firing, this cleaning procedure has to be repeated on the ensuing day.

The moving parts of the trigger mechanism should be properly washed, dried and lightly oiled.

2.3.3 Stripping and assembling the magazine

Depress locking plate (50) by pushing a drift punch through the hole in the magazine floor plate (51), pull magazine floor plate forward and detach. During this operation the thumb of the other hand is held over the magazine floor plate, thus preventing the locking plate (50) and the follower spring (49) from catapulting out of the magazine. Take out parts.

Fig. 3 Stripping the magazine

In the case of bad fouling wash all parts in petroleum and remove dirt from magazine lips and the interior of the magazine. Lightly lubricate all metallic parts.

Mag Floor Plate

Fig. 4 Magazine

The assembly is carried out vice versa. Insert follower (48) and follower spring (49) in the magazine housing (47). Place locking plate (50) on follower spring and press it into the magazine housing. Push magazine floor plate (51) on magazine until the plug of the locking plate (50) engages in the hole of the magazine floor plate (51).

Fig. 4 Magazine

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