Never point the rifle at anyone during handling

• Always point the rifle in a safe direction.

• Before handling and before cleaning it has to be checked to ensure that:

- The bolt is locked to the rear

-The rifle is unloaded (cartridge chamber empty)

- The barrel is free of obstructions -The magazine is empty.

• Keep your finger off the trigger when loading, unloading or otherwise handling the rifle. Always place the trigger finger outside of the trigger guard.

• Place your finger on the trigger only when your sights are aimed at the target.

• Never use force when handling, disassembling, cleaning and assembling the rifle.

• Disassemble the rifle only as far as described in this manual.

• Always wear eye and hearing protection when using the rifle.

• Take into account the fact that bystanders are also endangered. Ensure bystanders are also wearing ear and eye protection.

• Only use factory-loaded and undamaged cartridges of the correct caliber.

• Always mind that the muzzle area is free of obstacles during firing.

• Store the firearm and ammunition in separate places.

• Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead, a substance known to be associated with birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

• Heckler & Koch does not assume any liability for events due to disregarding this manual, improper handling, negligence, improper treatment, use of improper or reloaded ammunition, unauthorized exchange of parts or manipulations of the rifle.

• Remember, firearms safety begins with you. Read this operators manual and be familiar with the safe handling of this firearm before using it. Store all firearms in a safe and secure location. Keep firearms away from children. Always be a safe shooter. Keep this manual with the rifle.

The HK SL8-1 semiautomatic rifle is a caliber .223 Remington civilian sporting arm based on the G36 rifle currently used by the German Army.

The SL8-1 rifle is gas operated with a rotating bolt head. Its receiver, pistol grip, buttstock, and handguard are all made of a high-strength polymer material, resulting in a tough and lightweight rifle.

A mechanical sight is mounted on the Picatinny long rail found on the top of the upper receiver. This sighting system can be easily replaced by other sighting systems, including optical scopes.

A movable buttplate and cheekpiece are other features that can be adjusted to the individual needs of the user.

The heavy barrel and the chamber are cold hammer forged and hard chrome plated for durability and accuracy. The barrel is fastened and centered to the receiver by means of a hex nut.

A cocking lever on the front end of the bolt head carrier can be swiveled to the left and to the right for actuation by both left and right handed users.

The magazine holds 10 rounds.

A bolt catch locks the bolt rearward (open) when the last round is fired or an empty magazine is inserted and the bolt is retracted.

Figure 1 SL8-1 with mechanical sights (left side view)

Figure 2 SL8-1 with mechanical sights (right side view)
Sl8 Airsoft
Figure 3 SL8-1 Accessories
Figure 4 SL8-1 Assembly groups

1 Receiver with barrel, gas system, magazine well, mounting rail with mechanical sights

2 Bolt assembly with recoil spring assembly

3 Buttstock assembly complete

4 Magazine

5 Handguard

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    How many rounds before wear on hard chrome plated bore hk sl8?
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