Adjusting the windage

Rotate the windage adjusting screw located on the right side of the rear sight in the desired direction with the screwdriver supplied with the pistol. Rotating clockwise moves the shot to the right. Rotating counterclockwise moves the shot to the left. Each click shifts the point of impact approximately .5 cm (0.2 inch) to the left or the right at a range of 25 meters (27.3 yards).

High profile front sight

The high profile front sight is mounted on the slide in a dovetail and does not require adjustment. It allows the operator to obtain a normal sight picture when an optional sound suppressor is mounted.

Extended barrel with O-ring and muzzle threads

The 128.5 mm (5.06 inches) hammer forged polygonal barrel is engineered for a high level of accuracy. The high temperature rubber O-ring located towards the muzzle holds the barrel tightly in the slide during firing and enhances accuracy. The left hand threads used on the barrel of the USP Tactical pistol will accept only those accessories designed for the pistol.The MK23 sound suppressor cannot be attached to the USP45 Tactical pistol! A specially designed sound suppressor is available for the USP45 Tactical pistol.

CAUTION:When used with a suppressor, use only HK approved suppressors as currently made by Knight's Armament Company or Briigger &Thomet of Switzerland. Even though all types of high velocity supersonic (+P) ammunition can be fired, for maximum effectiveness (suppression) only subsonic ball ammunition should be used when a sound suppressor is attached.

Place a drop of lubricant on the barrel O-ring during cleaning and replace it by hand if/when necessary. Spare O-rings are provided with each new USP Tactical pistol. Prolonged use of +P ammunition through the pistol with the sound suppressor attached is not recommended.Assembly and disassembly of the slide, barrel, and frame on the USP Tactical is the same as other full-frame USP pistols (see pages 28-33 in this manual).

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