Disassembly Field stripping Pistol

1. Depress the slide release and allow the slide to move forward.

2. Using the firing hand, retract and hold the slide to the rear so that the axle of the slide release is visible through the recess in the left side of the slide (See Figure 29A).

3.With the non-firing hand, completely remove the slide release from the left side of the frame by pressing on it from the right side of the frame.

Usp Field Strip
Figure 29A

CAUTION: Hold the recoil/buffer assembly in place while removing the slide from the frame. If not, this assembly could be released under spring tension and could possibly cause injury to personnel, or become damaged or lost.

4. Remove the slide with barrel and recoil/buffer spring assembly by sliding it forward off of the frame, (see Figure 29B below)

Usp Disassembled
Figure 29B

5. Carefully remove the recoil/buffer spring assembly from the barrel and slide by lifting up on the rear of the recoil spring guide rod. The entire assembly can now be lifted out of the slide (see Figure 30)

6. Remove the recoil spring from around the recoil spring guide rod. On USP models with "captive" recoil springs, disassembly is not recommended.

7. Lift the rear of the barrel by the locking block and withdraw it from the slide.

Disassemble Usp
Figure 30
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