Figure A relationship of recoilbuffer spring assembly to barrel locking block inside of slide

Figure 32B (recoil/buffer spring assembly and barrel properly positioned in the slide)

Figure 32B (recoil/buffer spring assembly and barrel properly positioned in the slide)

6. Hold the slide in the non-firing hand with the thumb holding the rear end of the recoil/buffer spring assembly in place on the slide.

Figure 32C

7. Check the position of the sear axle on the frame. Ensure that it does not protrude from either side of the frame. (See Figure 3 I on page 3 I)

8. Hold the frame in the firing hand. Position the rear of the slide above the front edge of the frame.

9. Slowly draw the slide back onto the frame so that the metal inserts in the frame fit into the grooves on the inside of the slide. (See Figure 33)

Figure 33

10. Retract the slide to the point where the recess in the left side of the slide is positioned over the hole where the axle of the slide release will go and hold it there.

11. Insert the slide release from left to right into the frame until it is flush with the side of the frame.

NOTE:Assembly of the pistol is now complete. Clear the pistol and check it for correct assembly and operation. Be sure the slide moves freely on the frame and with the pistol cleared and pointed in a safe direction, ensure all controls operate correctly. As applicable, check double-action mode, single-action mode, safety, decock function, slide release, and the magazine release.


CAUTION:Beware of the spring tension exerted by the magazine spring while removing and installing the magazine floor plate. Keep the base of the magazine pointed in a safe direction (away from the face and eyes) at all times during disassembly.

Different types of USP magazines are in use, depending on model, caliber, and after the Fall of 1994; whether the magazines were produced for civilian or military/law enforcement use.

Disassembly of Law Enforcement/Military restricted use magazines and magazines produced before October 1994.

1. Using a blunt pointed instrument depress the locking detente located in the floor plate and hold it there (see Figure 34).

2. Place a portion of either hand over the base of the magazine to control the release of the magazine spring and locking plate.

3. Slowly slide the floor plate forward off of the magazine housing.

Figure 34

4. Gradually allow the locking plate and magazine spring to expand out of the magazine housing.

5. Remove the locking plate, magazine spring and magazine follower from the magazine housing.

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