Loaded chamber indicator

The extractor of the USP Expert pistol doubles as a loaded chamber indicator anytime either a live cartridge or an empty case is present in the chamber. A red painted portion of the extractor, or its protruding tactile feel, indicates the chamber is loaded.

Tools provided with the USP Expert include a 1.5 mm alien wrench for adjusting the trigger stop and a screwdriver for adjusting windage and elevation on the rear sight.

Usp Expert

Figure 54 USP EXPERT .45ACP

Part No. Item Description

215129 Slide, USP45 EXPERT, incomplete. 215127 Slide, USP45 Expert, complete (must be factory fitted)

988281 Sight, rear adjustable, complete 987505 Screwdriver for adjustable rear sight

Part No. Item Description

215115 Sight,front,for use with adjustable rear sight 215864 Extractor with red chamber indicator 215801 Plug for extractor spring

215128 Barrel, USP45 Expert, without O-ring

986429 O-ring, .45 ACP

Figure 54 USP EXPERT .45ACP

Part No. Item Description

217706 Assembly, captured recoil/buffer spring, complete

217707 Rod,recoil spring guide (bare) 217838 Frame, complete, USP45 Expert

214825 Hammer,with rubber spur,complete, USP45 217710 Magazine, 12-round, USP45 with LE markings 215954 Magazine, 10-round w/extended floorplate for

USP45Tactical, Expert, & Match 215684 Trigger with adjustable trigger stop,for USP45

Tactical, Expert, & Match 215964 Extended floorplate for magazine, Expert,Tactical, Match

214300 Spring,hammer

215680 Stop,adjustable trigger,USP45 Expert,Tactical, & Match

958179 Wrench, allen, 1.5mm for adjustable trigger stop


215111 Barrel, USP40 Expert, without O-ring

987141 O-ring,.40 S&W

215110 Slide,complete USP40 EXPERT

215109 Grip, complete .40

215113 Jet funnel

215155 Grip insert

988 188 Dowel pin ISO 8750 - 3.5 x 24

988187 Cylindrical screw

988187 Magazine,complete .40

215119 Magazine floor plate .40



.45 ACP

.40 S&W

Operating Principle

Short recoil

Short recoil

Action Type

Modified Browning type,linkless

Modified Browning type, linkless


Rear micrometer adjustable for windage & elevation, high profile front sight

Total Length

222 mm (8.74 in.)

222 mm (8.74 in.)

Barrel Length

132 mm (5.20 in.)

l32 mm (5.20 in.)

Sight Radius

190 mm (7.50 in.)

l90 mm (7.50 in.)

Rate of Twist (one turn in)

406 mm (l5.98 in.)

380 mm (l4.96 in.))

Height (Total)

151 mm (5.94 in.)

l49 mm (5.87 in.)

Width of Slide

29 mm (l.l4 in.)

29 mm (l.l4 in.)

Width of Frame

32 mm (1.26 in.)

32 mm (1.26 in.)

Weight (with empty magazine)

950 grams (33.51 oz.)

940 grams (33.16 oz.)

Weight of Empty Magazine

110 grams (3.88 oz.)

62 grams (2.17 oz.)

Trigger Travel (rest to hammer release)


6.3 mm (.25 in.)

6.3 mm (.25 in.)


11.3 mm (.45 in.)

11.3 mm (.45 in.)

Trigger Reach (center of trigger to back of frame)


65 mm (2.56 in.)

65 mm (2.56 in.)


75 mm (2.95 in.)

75 mm (2.95 in.)

Magazine Capacity

l0 cartridges (Civilian)*

l0 cartridges (Civilian)*

(does not include cartridge in chamber)

l2 cartridges (Law Enforcement and Military)

l6 cartridges (LE and Military)

Safety Features 1. Manual safety lever (Variants 1,2,5,6,9,10), 2. Double-action mode with hammer intercept notch, 3. Firing pin block,4. Disconnector

* Law Enforcement & Military only. Due to provisions of the 1994 Crime Bill, magazine capacity for U.S. civilian pistols is 10 cartridges.

Many HK pistols are equipped with a patented HK Lockoutâ„¢ device.This component replaces the lanyard loop insert in the frame and when engaged locks the handgun's action by blocking any movement of the trigger, the hammer, and the slide. The handgun is locked and can not fire until unlocked. The Lock-Out control plate is accessible through the pistol's magazine well (see figure S6A).

Figure 56A Turn the key clockwise to lock the action

Use the two pronged key supplied with the pistol to lock or unlock the pistol as desired.When the holes on the Lockout Device are horizontally positioned the pistol is locked and can not be fired (see figure S6B).

Figure 56A Turn the key clockwise to lock the action

Usp Armorer Manual
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