Major Cleaning

Major Cleaning is the same as normal cleaning except that:

• The magazine is disassembled for cleaning.

• All parts should be rinsed with, or immersed in solvent and thoroughly scrubbed with a nylon brush.

The parts can then be dried using compressed air or with a rag and cotton swabs.

NOTE:AII parts of the HK USP can be immersed in any cleaning solvent that it is safe to put your hands into, including ultrasonic cleaning solution. Painted surfaces of the pistol (i.e. control lever, frame, and extractor markings) can be removed by using ultrasonic cleaning machines.


During and after cleaning visually inspect the pistol and its components for any irregularities that may cause problems or stoppages during its operation. Generally, you should keep a watchful eye out for the discrepancies listed below.

Always clear the pistol before conducting your inspection!

• Damaged or missing parts

• Improper assembly or function

• Absence of free movement, where applicable

• Absence of spring tension, where applicable

• Unaccustomed looseness

• Parts exhibiting signs of cracks, burrs, dents, or obvious signs of damage or stress

• Presence of stops or tactile clicks, where applicable

• General overall cleanliness

• Presence of sufficient lubrication

• Presence of corrosion or degradation of surface finish

CAUTION:This pistol has been developed by capable and experienced engineers. Its present design represents an optimization of a combination of safety, speed of deployment, accuracy, dependability, and durability. Do not attempt to make this pistol "better" by altering any of its components. Altering any part of the pistol or magazine may cause injury or death and will also void any Heckler & Koch warranty on the product.


Metal surfaces of the USP are treated with HK's special corrosion & wear resistant Hostile Environment (HE) finish. However, this surface treatment does not completely reduce the friction between moving parts and it is recommended that a lubricant be applied to the pistol to ensure proper functioning.Any type of high-quality, medium weight lubricant (oil) specifically designed for use on firearms will work well on the HK Universal Self-loading Pistol. Do not use lubricants that boast of their ability to penetrate metal as these substances may deaden primers.

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