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Heckler & Koch Universal Self-loading Pistols are short recoil operated.They use a modified Browning style system, without a link, to lock and unlock the barrel.

Upon firing, the pressure developed by the propellant gases forces the slide and barrel assembly to the rear. After moving approximately 3mm, the locking block will stop the rearward movement of the barrel.The barrel is pulled downward due to the engagement of the angled locking surfaces of the locking block with those located on the end of the recoil spring guide rod.

The locking block disengages from the slide and the slide continues rearward independently from the barrel.The slide extracts and ejects the fired cartridge case, cocks the hammer, and compresses the recoil spring.

Once fully to the rear, the compressed recoil spring pushes the slide forward feeding the next cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. If the magazine is empty, the magazine follower lifts the slide release into position where it can stop the forward progress of the slide and holds the slide open. If a cartridge is present in the magazine, the slide will push the cartridge from the magazine and into the chamber.

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