Section Ammunition

WARNING:Heckler & Koch specifically disclaims any responsibilities for any damage or injury that should occur because of, or as a result of, the use of faulty, remanufactured, or reloaded (hand loaded) ammunition, or of cartridges other than those for which the pistol was originally chambered for.

The HK USP is designed to fire quality, factory loaded ammunition loaded to SAAMI specifications for use specifically in handguns. For use with ammunition with hard primers (i.e. some NATO spec, cartridges), a special hammer spring is available.

The following guidelines should be considered when selecting the correct ammunition for your pistol.

I. Be sure the ammunition you have chosen is compatible with your pistol - proper caliber, cartridge, bullet weight, etc. Caliber markings on the USP appear on the left side of the slide and on the barrel locking block, visible through the ejection port on the right side of the slide.

2. Prior to loading the magazine and chamber, carefully inspect all cartridges for the following abnormalities:

• Cracked, split, dirty or corroded cases

• Improperly seated projectiles and/or primers

• Damaged projectiles

3. Do not attempt to fire a cartridge in which the projectile has been forced back into the case. Upon firing, this condition may result in increased chamber pressure above safe limits.

4. Do not fire ammunition through the pistol that:

• Is reloaded, remanufactured, or hand loaded

• Is foreign and/or outdated military surplus

• Is assembled with corrosive primer and/or propellant

• Is loaded specifically for use in submachine guns.

• Is exposed to oil,grease, water, or direct sunlight. Remove contaminants if possible before use and cool down ammunition exposed to direct sunlight or heat. (Exposure to sources of heat could raise the chamber pressure of the cartridge above safe limits.)

WARNING:The use of incorrect ammunition in the pistol could result in damage to the pistol and /or injury to the operator or bystanders.

NOTE: In compliance with NIJ Standard—0112.00, currently there are no known ammunition types that meet the general guidelines set forth in this section that are not compatible with the USP 9mm, USP .40, or USP .45 pistols.All USP pistols are approved for use with +P and +P+ ammunition.The use of +P and +P+ ammunition does accelerate wear and reduce the service life on the component parts of any pistol, including the HK USP._

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