Sights and Sight Adjustment

The sighting system on the HK USP is the proven 3-dot arrangement first made popular on earlier model HK pistols. By aligning all three dots horizontally on the target, with the front sight dot centered between the rear sight dots, the operator can quickly and easily engage the target with a high degree of accuracy (See Figure 19).

With the optional tritium sights installed, precise and rapid target engagements are possible under low light conditions as well. The rear sight can be adjusted for windage by drifting the sight to the left or to the right, depending on the desired shot place ment. Bullet impact on target will move in the same direction that the rear sight is moved. Be careful not to damage the slide finish when adjusting the rear sight.

Adjustments for elevation are accomplished by exchanging the front sight with a higher or lower sight, available from HK.The height of the front sight is indicated on the underside.The front sight must be removed by using a drift punch or an HK USP sight pusher.The accessory HK sight pusher can be used to install, remove, and adjust the front and rear sights on all USP and USP Compact pistols.

To raise the bullet impact on target, a shorter front sight is installed.To lower the bullet impact on target, a taller front sight is installed. Installing the next higher or lower front sight will change the point-of-impact 2 inches at 25 meters, depending on the ammunition used. All HK USPs are function fired and zeroed at the factory at 25 meters, point-of-aim, point-of-impact.Your actual zero may vary depending on the ammunition used and/or your style of shooting. USP Expert and USP Tactical models are fitted with click adjustable sights without the 3-dot arrangement.These optional adjustable sights are available with and without self-luminous tritium dots for all full size USP pistols.

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