Stop Know How To Clear This Pistol Before Attempting To Operate Clearing The Pistol

The HK USP is not considered "clear" or safe unless:

1.The control lever (if applicable) is on "SAFE" and;

2.The magazine is removed from the pistol and;

3.The slide is locked to the rear and;

4.The chamber is free of brass or ammunition

To Clear the HK USP:

1. Make sure fingers are outside of the trigger guard and the pistol is pointed in a safe direction at all times!

2. Engage control lever (if applicable) - press the safety lever upwards until the "S" aligns with the reference line located on the frame.

3. Remove magazine - depress the magazine release lever and remove the magazine from the pistol.

4. Open and lock slide - while keeping the pistol pointed in a safe direction, lock the slide open by pulling the slide rearward as you press the slide release upward.Watch for a cartridge or empty case to be ejected from the pistol.

5. Inspect chamber - inspect chamber for the presence of a cartridge or empty case by:

• Visually viewing chamber through open ejection port and;

• Physically inserting finger into chamber through ejection port to check for the presence of a cartridge or empty case.

• Remove any cartridges or empty cases from the chamber or from within the pistol. The HK Universal Self-loading Pistol is now considered "Clear".

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