The HK Universal Selfloading Pistol is now considered Clear

If the pistol fails to fire, clear and disassemble it and check for:

1. Obstructions in the chamber, bore or frame. Remove obstructions.

2. Bad ammunition.Try new ammunition.

3. Unserviceable magazine. Replace magazine.

4. Fouling or lack of lubrication. Clean and lubricate the pistol in accordance with the instructions contained within this manual.

5. Evidence of severely worn or broken parts. Contact your authorized HK dealer or unit armorer.

If your pistol still fails to operate correctly, contact your unit armorer, authorized HK dealer, or Heckler & Koch's Repair Department for guidance.

WARNING: If a cartridge is assembled without powder (a fault of the manufacturing process), the primer alone has enough power to propel the bullet into the bore.A bullet lodged in the bore may cause damage to the barrel and/or pistol if another cartridge is fired and could cause personal injury or even death.This event is commonly called a"squib load" or "pop and no kick" and is characterized by a reduced report and little or no movement of the slide.An alert operator could notice the occurrence of this event in time to avoid firing the next cartridge.

Selection and Use of a Holster

When selecting a carrying holster for the HK USP, it is important to consider the following points:

I .The holster must not make contact with or actuate any of the operating controls.This includes the hammer, slide release, magazine release lever, and most importantly the control lever and the trigger.The design of the holster must also not actuate these controls when the pistol is carried in, drawn from, or returned to the holster.

2.The holster should not cause the slide to move (unlock) when the pistol is returned to the holster.

3.Accommodations must be provided in the holster for any accessories that might be present on the pistol. 4. Choose holster designed specifically for the USP.

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