To Clear the HK USP

1. Make sure fingers are outside of the trigger guard and the pistol is pointed in a safe direction at all times!

2. Engage control lever (if applicable) - press the safety lever upwards until the"S" aligns with the reference line located on the frame.

3. Remove magazine - depress the magazine release lever and remove the magazine from the pistol.

4. Open and lock slide - while keeping the pistol pointed in a safe direction, lock the slide open by pulling the slide rearward as you press the slide release upward. Watch for a cartridge or empty case to be ejected from the pistol.

5. Inspect chamber - inspect chamber for the presence of a cartridge or empty case by:

• Visually viewing chamber through open ejection port and;

• Physically inserting finger into chamber through ejection port to check for the presence of a cartridge or empty case.

• Remove any cartridges or empty cases from the chamber or from within the pistol.

The HK Universal Self-loading Pistol is now considered "Clear".

Filling and Emptying the Magazine

NOTE: Do not attempt to load more than the prescribed number of cartridges into the magazine. Do not alter the shape of the magazine housing, follower, or spring.To do so may cause stoppages or the magazine may not seat properly in the pistol. For easier loading and to increase magazine service life use a magazine loader.

Filling the Magazine (See Figure 23 below)

Figure 23

1. Hold the magazine in the non-firing hand with the back side of the magazine resting against the palm.

2. Using the firing hand, hold a cartridge between the index finger and thumb with the projectile facing the palm.

3. Press the rim of the cartridge down against the forward edge of the magazine follower or on the top cartridge already in the magazine.

4. Slide the cartridge back into the magazine under the feed lips.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until the magazine is full. The viewing holes in the back of the magazine allow the operator to confirm the number of cartridges present within the magazine.

Emptying the Magazine

Exert pressure with a finger on the base of the cartridge and push each cartridge forward out of the magazine one at a time until the magazine is empty.

Loading the Pistol

WARNING: Forcefully inserting a loaded magazine into the USP may cause the pistols slide to close, chambering a cartridge and making the USP ready to fire. When inserting a magazine, always be certain that the pistol is pointed in a safe direction with your fingers off the trigger and outside the trigger guard. Failure to do so could cause you to unintentionally fire the pistol, resulting in serious injury or death.

Administrative Loading

Used to initially load the pistol before it is to be fired.

Slide rearward or forward, chamber empty

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