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Heckler & Koch and Insight Technology Inc. have developed a powerful accessory light that attaches to the HK USP pistol.

Smaller and more powerful than a conventional flash-light, the Mark II HK Universal Tactical Light (UTL) adds a dimension of tactical flexibility to the USP absent in other modern semiautomatic pistols.

Utl Mark Universal Tactical Light

Figure 42

The Mark II UTL is a compact and powerful accessory light for the USP.

Figure 42

The Mark II UTL is a compact and powerful accessory light for the USP.

The Mark II HK UTL can be quickly attached or removed from the pistol and provides an immediate source of illumination.With easy to use controls, the UTL ensures law enforcement professionals or home owners can identify potential threats in critical low light situations.

Using a USP fitted with a UTL makes alignment of the light and pistol easier than using a separate flashlight.A separate light can be difficult to use and hold while manipulating a pistol in a life threatening situation.The UTL can also be detached from the pistol and used in place of a conventional flashlight.

The Mark II UTL is designed and manufactured by Insight Technology Inc. (ITI).the same firm that created the special flashlight and laser aiming module used on the .45 caliber HK Mark 23 pistol developed for the US Special Operations Command.

Available exclusively from Heckler & Koch, Inc., the Mark II UTL fits all variants of the USP pistol, including the USP Compact,and can be purchased with an optional remote cable switch, and tactical nylon carrying pouch.

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