Warning Do not rely on the slide lock to determine if the magazine is empty Always check visually and physically ensure the pistol is not loaded

During the last 3mm of forward movement, the slide forces the angled surfaces of the barrel locking block against opposing angled surfaces on the recoil spring guide rod. This action pivots the locking block on the barrel up into engagement with the ejection port on the slide.The breech is now locked closed and the next shot can be fired.

The buffer spring dampens the impact of the barrel and slide on the frame during unlocking and when the slide is forced fully rearward, thus reducing wear and tear on many of the component parts of the pistol.

CAUTION: A pair of Universal Mounting Grooves located on the front of the USP frame allow for a variety of accessories to be used with the pistol. Improperly designed or installed accessories may result in damage to the USP mounting grooves and/or the USP. Such damage is not covered under warranty. Be certain to use only HK Authorized Accessories and follow installation and precautions carefully.


WARNING: The HK USP incorporates single-action and/or double-action modes of operation. Anytime the trigger is pulled with the control lever in the fire (horizontal) position and a cartridge in the chamber, the pistol will fire from either the hammer down or cocked positions.

Double/Single-Action modes

In the double-action mode, pulling the trigger will cock the hammer and immediately release it firing the first chambered cartridge.All subsequent cartridges will be fired in the single-action mode because the slide automatically recocks the hammer after each shot is fired.To fire the first chambered cartridge in the single-action mode, the hammer must be manually cocked before pulling the trigger.AII shots after the first shot will be fired single-action because the slide automatically recocks the hammer after each shot is fired.

In the double-action only mode, the hammer always returns to the uncocked (forward) position after each shot. All shots are fired in the double-action mode.

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