No. 21 Data Manual

The world's most comprehensive data manual with more than 600 pages of cartridge, propellant, ballistics and trajectory information necessary for the complete reloader. Now in its 27th edition, the Hodgdon Data Manual features easy-to-read, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pages in a unique gold-embossed, European-styled ring binder. This elegant, specialedition volume is designed to remain open on the page you select.

The 27th edition offers everything from historical information to detailed "how to" descriptions of cartridge assembly. Also new to the Hodgdon Manual is a set of short and long range ballistic tables that applies to any brand or style of bullet.

Included with each set of data is a new three dimensional cartridge case drawing and a complete listing of all components used in the development of the data for that specific cartridge.

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